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  • Hobsey Hobsey Feb 21, 2012 14:37 Flag

    Fernando, beyond a silly joke now?!

    It was funny at first watching him not score goals and put in sloppy performances, it helped the pain from his exit. I just cant see what Chelsea have done to him! The guy could score from 35 yards, was dominant in the air and could go past defenders like they were statues. Now the latest is that West Ham tried to take him on loan in January and he got hooked off at halftime against Birmingham reserves!!


    It seems he will become available in the summer for a cut price fee and I expect all the big spanish clubs would still have him. I know a lot of you dont like the idea but if we are in the market for a forward, personally, I would love to have him back if we were talking about sub £20m and I would thank Chelsea for seemingly repairing his injury problems.....although it seems they have done so by amputating his legs and sewing on Winston Bogardes.

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    • Agree with you and defo would have him back, believe he could link up well with Suarez or Carroll.
      Chelsea seem to have taken his confidence maybe the pool was to big and he realises he's not such a big fish yet but needs to grow.

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      • Still support the lad , perhaps foolishly , but he was quality while he was here. I was gutted when he left for Chelsea. Still and all , 50 million reasons to forgive him. It has been shocking to see how lost at sea his career has become. Rather sad really. And yeah , agree totally that Chelsea have misused him. Couldn't care less for them but do feel bad for Fernando. He needs to get out of there but the huge transfer fee kills the deal. Abramovich is a spoilt child. Once he breaks his new toys he eventually discards them. Probably couldn't come soon enough for Torres.

    • If it is something permanent, rather than just a long long bad patch, I wonder if he ever fully recovered from the injuries he had a couple of seasons ago, around world cup time. He seemed not to be so good for you after that and before he came to us.

      I certainly haven't given up on him yet but he does need at some point to add goals to his other contribution. He reminds me of Shevchenko - both of them look(ed) like they were running through quicksand.

      I doubt Chelsea will sell him this year. Especially with Anelka gone and Drogba probably going.


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      • Many rumours out there, but the one that intrigues me is the rumour that Benitez will soon replace AVB in a bid to kickstart FT's form.
        Whats the thoughts on this?


      • He doesnt look particularly slow when I have seen him play for you lot but he seems to be missing that initial burst in his first step which he used to attack defenders with. Also, he never really had a decent first touch unless it was a shot but he did always have a very nice second touch. I think if Chelsea played Mata through the middle in behind him they would get more out of him as he seemed to relish in that partnership with Gerrard then also the same for Spain when Villa would play off him. Hopefully that wont happen as I have nearly convinced myself that we will be getting him back now :)

      • I'm sorry to say I think he's lost it.... for a good length of time before he left us he was like a petulant child who seemed to have no appetite or desire to give it all, he never seemed to have any camaraderie with his fellow players and seemed to be a lone figure in every way. Nothing has changed at Chelsea except that now his true value is being proven, he's no more a 20m striker than he was a 50m striker. A spent force who should only be allowed back if he begs and costs next to nothing!

    • I'd take a punt on him, as I'm sure we could do worse for a 3rd or 4th choice back up striker!

      Seems to me it’s all about confidence with some players, and especially strikers and Nando is running on empty. So with a little love from Kenny I recon we might be able to get more out of him than AVB has, although he'll have to prove himself on the training pitch if he wants to get starts ahead of Carroll.

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      • dsteer...lets draw a line under the Torres Saga...the man has problems that wont be easily rectified. Kenny must have had his reasons for letting him go to Chelski, good reasons and not just the 50 mill he mugged Abramosonovabitch for. This would not be a return of the Prodigal thing he walked out just like Owen did and should be regarded in the same light as Owen. We dont want players who dont want to be here and we dont want those where there is evidence they didnt want to be here either. Plus the man has lost that initial burst of acceleration over the first couple yards that made him such a devastating force over his first season with us...forget about this guy he aint worth wasting any of the transfer kitty on...Napoli have the man we NEED.

    • BREAKING NEWS: Torres left out of Chelsea team to face Napoli. As it's Pancake Day, they have allowed their biggest tosser to have the day off.

    • Commiserations Rob.

      It seems that Chelsea have caught the *can't defend for toffees bug* like their north London rivals on tonight's evidence.

      I used to think of Ivanovic as a no nonsense defender, not anymore. He reminds me of Djourou with his positional play every time he tries to defend.

    • Hey Robert

      But "someone elses team" are all Chelsea managers get under Roman don' they? You may have missed it, but he was back in the CL final a couple of years later with his own team - I bet RA would take that after tonights result.

    • Tonight's result was poor but not yet disastrous. I'm sure roman must be tearing his beard out.

      I do remember you getting to the final again, yes. You beat us in another piss poor semi final. I also remember not so long ago every Liverpool fan (apart from Dave) giving up on Benitez as taking you backwards and you couldn't get rid if him soon enough. Then he failed at inter. Why would big brother see him as our new saviour? No-one else would.


    • I'd take back Torres for the right price.. why not? he's worth for 18+ goals a season..

      As for AVB I thought he was contracted for 15 yrs? Or something like that?

      AVB is the brightest prospect manager wise for along time.. Thing is Abramovich is so damn impatient.. at this rate they'll be no top managers he can poach.. As they all know he demands instant success or they're sacked..

    • Not just Dave - I still think he was and is a very good manager.

    • Hi Robert, I don't understand that because Rafa consistantly got the better over "the special one's" CFC side, RA would not want him. Where is the logic in that?

      As AVB said recently the manager does not need the backing of the players, just the owner.


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