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  • Jason Jason Feb 27, 2012 02:38 Flag

    A loaded question part 1..

    You can have one scenario or the other, and to be honest I think they are both possible. Keep in mind, money isn't your worry or concern here, it's John Henry's and both of these produce money in addition to the plenty he has already..

    - Go on to Wembley and win the FA Cup, sealing a cup double, in what would look likely to include a win over (assuming so in replays) at least one of the following: Spurs/Chelski/Everton AND assume we still have the option to add 2-3 top class players needed in the summer, BUT miss 4th spot.


    - Not win the FA Cup but manage to claim 4th spot with no additional guarantees of getting players anything significantly better than scenario 1, and not qualifying for the group stages of the CL, knocked out in qualifiers..

    In an interview I heard today prior to the match with Stevie, they asked him a similar question minus the money and squad additions, and his answer made this logical for me ..

    "You play to win trophies and medals, you don't play to finish in a particular position". - Gerrard
    (obviously that doesn't include finishing first)

    For me, I'd be happy with scenario 1 and look forward to a bigger, better season/proper European squad in 12/13..

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