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  • DARRENK DARRENK Feb 27, 2012 05:05 Flag

    A loaded question part 1..

    Clearly scenario number two, make fourth spot. My reasoning...most of the top class players that you intend on signing will not sign if you are not in the champions league, and whether you lose out in qualification games doesnt matter because that is after the summer, and you have already signed said players.

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    • I want us back winning trophies & cups.. Thats where we get our money from..

      Yes finishing 4th will guaruntee CL football.. but it doesn't promise silverware..

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      • It's a tough scenario, which is why I was curious what everyone else thought and would want. I want Champions League more than anything, but under the given scenario, while we could add the same said "2-3" players, not everyone is always in the squad and ready, or completely settled and up to speed.

        I would find a great sense of achievement in getting 4th spot, especially with this team, while improved, but not the calibre of skill and elite talent as the teams in front, but I would hate it, to just get dumped out in the summer qualification round which could almost be as detrimental as positive, because it automatically then sends the club into the qualifications for Europa which are added matches/distractions towards another season where 4th and higher is a MUST.

        I think winning FA Cup would be a massive achievement considering it still requires 3 more wins, and would be seen on an international scene, and while not the most glorious of matches, allows us to open the season against the Champions in the Community Shield and see where we stack up.

        Tough call really. I won't complain too much with either if only 1, but my biggest want/ask, is getting in some proper, classy, european talent and a finisher. All clearly missed yesterday in what was a overall dominating performance, but lacking so much quality in the creativity & finishing. Almost the difference in gifting it away, rather than taking it..