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  • Damo Damo Feb 27, 2012 17:46 Flag

    Unsung hero?

    The obnly players who started the game that deserve any credit are Skrtel, Johnson and Downing. Kuyt deserves the plaudits for his efforts when he came on but then any Kuyt admirer knows thats what you'll get from him week in week out!

    Nobody else seemed interested. Shame because when people talk about springboards it would have been alot nicer to have actually played a blinder, Won clearly with a clinical performance and actually sprang rather than fell into the future.

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    • Hi Damo

      Are you sure you mean "Nobody else seemed interested"?

      From what I saw they all seemed interested - loads of effort just picking the wrong option at the end of it all (as we have done all season).

      For example, Suarez was always on the move and caused the Cardiff defence loads of problems - you couldn't say he wasn't interested could you?