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  • Jason Jason Mar 1, 2012 16:55 Flag

    You might enjoy this

    It really is a shame that for Sir Robert, this awful, barely above relegation fodder Liverpool side have smeared the Carling Cup by winning it, as well as clearly disobeying his highness' orders for someone else of a higher calibre in "a football match" to win. Afterall, in this very same competition, in the final one year ago, it was London's biggest club who waltzed right over and through their underdog opponent for 90 minutes en route to glory..

    I could only imagine the outrage he and those on his noble counsel would have felt, if this side were to have gone through his club in this competition needing a win to progress...

    Oh sh.it, wait.... I could swear I had a dream that did happen, and in this silly dream, Liverpool actually had to go to Stamford Bridge too!

    For exactly how many minutes did 3rd biggest club in London lead in that tie, in the "football match"? (2-0 says not very long)

    How many minutes did they have the lead vs Europe's Elite and Super Power Birmingham City, in the inferior FA Cup match, ALSO at Stamford Bridge? I think that was also a "football match", though I'm known to have a wild imagination at times..