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  • Loki Loki Mar 1, 2012 22:13 Flag

    You might enjoy this

    Robert, I'm sure that you gave yourself a great big pat on the back at writing this, but can I ask, 'What is your point?' The rules of the game apply equally to all teams, and as you no doubt know, if you win on penalties, it is still a win. Its like youre saying we're lucky or something. The history books show us as winners in the competitions you've mentioned, with no footnote on the trophies saying, 'By penalties though, so this win is less legitimate' - once again, 'What's your point?'

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    • Robert's on the wind-up here Herps..... although I think it was Robert who posted a thread not long ago where he was questioning why LFC fans bemoaned our persistent hitting the woodwork as 'bad luck'..... his argument being that in reality it's not bad luck, it's a miss, just like any other attempt that fails to find the net.

      Can't we apply the same logic to a win on penalties? Whether it's as a result of trailing for most of the game, or leading for most of it? It's still a win..... and in cup competitions, the manner of the win means fk all!