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    You might enjoy this

    Or you might not.

    Congratulations, obviously, to Liverpool on their first trophy in six years - won thanks to a penalty shoot-out, one notices, although perhaps that goes without saying. Liverpool, famously, have won almost everything there is to win in club football on penalties.

    We're talking two European Cups, one FA Cup and, now, two Carling Cups - all won thanks to the lottery of a sudden-death shoot-out, a lottery in which Liverpool can justly be said to be football's Euromillionaires.

    However, what Luis Suarez and co. can be especially proud about this time is that, when they raised the trophy aloft on Sunday, it was after a match in which they had actually been ahead at one point. In all of the other cases - the two European Cups, the FA Cup, the other Carling Cup - victory via penalties followed a game in which Liverpool had never held the lead in open play. But at Wembley, against Championship opposition, they managed, briefly, to go 2-1 up - a major step forward for the club, and a real testament to the 'King Kenny effect', even if it was in extra-time and only for 10 minutes.

    'When,' a concerned friend texted me to ask, 'was the last time Liverpool won something by beating someone in a football match?'

    Well, you have to go back to the Carling Cup of 2003 for that, when they beat Manchester United 2-0. But don't forget, too, the Uefa Cup of 2001, which Liverpool didn't win on penalties but, instead, with a 'golden goal' in extra time. Or, to be exact, a 'golden own goal' on that occasion. (Note to younger readers: golden goal extra-time was a short-lived experiment in match-deciding wherein the first team to score in extra-time effectively aborted the match and was declared the winner. It was abandoned almost immediately after the Uefa Cup final of 2001 revealed it to be both comical and unfair.)

    Giles Smith on the Chelsea website.


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    • Perhaps if your team were better at penalties you would have had a European cup now LOL !

      P.S. It's OK posting this other person's diatribe but remember you actually have to get to a final to win on penalties.LOL !

    • Robert, I'm sure that you gave yourself a great big pat on the back at writing this, but can I ask, 'What is your point?' The rules of the game apply equally to all teams, and as you no doubt know, if you win on penalties, it is still a win. Its like youre saying we're lucky or something. The history books show us as winners in the competitions you've mentioned, with no footnote on the trophies saying, 'By penalties though, so this win is less legitimate' - once again, 'What's your point?'

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      • Robert's on the wind-up here Herps..... although I think it was Robert who posted a thread not long ago where he was questioning why LFC fans bemoaned our persistent hitting the woodwork as 'bad luck'..... his argument being that in reality it's not bad luck, it's a miss, just like any other attempt that fails to find the net.

        Can't we apply the same logic to a win on penalties? Whether it's as a result of trailing for most of the game, or leading for most of it? It's still a win..... and in cup competitions, the manner of the win means fk all!

    • Records show what Club won what trophy and not how. Utd won last CL on penalties after Terry slipped. So what.

    • Robert, I know your just re-posting someone else’s prose here, but wonder what you really think of what your fellow blue is saying?

      Seems to me either its a bit of a case of sour grapes because on at least a couple of those occasions where extra time and penalties resulted in a cup for LFC I think we went through you lot and beat you fair and square.

      Or maybe he's having a serious critic of the best way to settle a game that's all square at the end of 90 minutes (but of course without having the balls to actually provide his own suggestion).

      If that is the case I suppose he feels teams that fight back to earn a draw within 90 minutes just don't deserve extra time; or, penalties if extra time is not enough. I suppose the motto might be if you can't lead a game you should not win a game, but of course that is counter to his logic on the old golden goals, but violating logic does not seem to be a concern. But maybe he'd advocate the old idea of replays if games can’t be settled after extra time, sure that would work well these days!

      But something tells me this would never have been written, or the ideas would have been hidden away, if only John Terry had not slipped on the new turf in Moscow a few years back!

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      • It really is a shame that for Sir Robert, this awful, barely above relegation fodder Liverpool side have smeared the Carling Cup by winning it, as well as clearly disobeying his highness' orders for someone else of a higher calibre in "a football match" to win. Afterall, in this very same competition, in the final one year ago, it was London's biggest club who waltzed right over and through their underdog opponent for 90 minutes en route to glory..

        I could only imagine the outrage he and those on his noble counsel would have felt, if this side were to have gone through his club in this competition needing a win to progress...

        Oh sh.it, wait.... I could swear I had a dream that did happen, and in this silly dream, Liverpool actually had to go to Stamford Bridge too!

        For exactly how many minutes did 3rd biggest club in London lead in that tie, in the "football match"? (2-0 says not very long)

        How many minutes did they have the lead vs Europe's Elite and Super Power Birmingham City, in the inferior FA Cup match, ALSO at Stamford Bridge? I think that was also a "football match", though I'm known to have a wild imagination at times..

      • Oh dear, don't take it too seriously, I just found it mildly amusing.

        I much preferred the golden goal actually. I think you'll probably get the better team winning more often, and seen to win. I don't like the lottery of the penalty shootout and the focus on the players who don't score. The only disadvantage of the golden goal is that you don't know how long it will go on for.

        Alternatively, if level after extra time I would award the game to the team who won the most corners. Reward the attacking team. That also has the advantage that both teams won't be playing for a draw.


    • Aren't we fortunate to have sarcastic robert stop by with his endless put-down comments regarding all things Liverpool. Perhaps he'd like Liverpool supporters to apologize for cheering for the Reds? Or perhaps his constant cheap shots and critisism might better serve on the Chelsea message board?