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  • Gary S Gary S Mar 7, 2012 12:49 Flag

    Why aren't we in for Podolski or Huntelaar?

    As a player why would you want to go to a mid table team 40 years ago yes they would go

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    • Armchair,
      I rarely comment these days but your posts do seem a little wishful. It seems as if your solution is to 'buy the best players in the world' or 'build a new stadium thats massive so we can buy the best players in the world'. Every time.

      I'm not doubting the success that buying Cavani, Hamsik, Lavezzi, Hulk, and bringing back Torres, along with the signing of Robben, Gotze, Neymar, Ganso and Pele for good measure would bring. It's just that it doesn't take a genius to say 'we should buy all the best players out there'.

      It should be obvious that the clubs in the 'real world' operate on budgets. There is only so much money available. Exactly how do you propose that we buy Hulk? He has a massive massive release clause and the moment we make a bid Chelsea would blow us out of the water. If we bid £40 million Chelsea could offer £45 million, and so on, and so forth. The same goes for Cavani etc etc. Things are far more complicated than continually calling for the signing of the worlds superstars, with the ridiculous assertion that we won't win anything if we don't.

      The stadium should be built. But WHY do you suppose it hasn't? Could it be that it is because things are actually a little more complicated than simply phoning a local builder and asking him to knock up a 70,000 all seater stadium. There are planning constraints, public transport issues, residents concerns, designs and the small matter that we are in a period of economic turbulence, in which banks are very nervous about lending. As I'm sure you can imagine these stadium thingummys don't come cheap.

      So, yes, whilst we would all love to see messi and cavani in red shirts it is a little more complicated than declaring we should sign 'X,Y,Z'. And yes, we all want to see our capacity increased in some fashion, but again, simply endlessly stating so doesn't really add much.

    • Every player has his price, whether transfer or wages. I still think we are a big name, and it is just a matter of time before we get back in the CL on a regular basis.

      Here's my fantasy wishlist:

      IN: Huntelaar, Lavezzi, Cavani, Hamsik, Lassana Diarra, Nathan Dyer, Scott Sinclair - all got pace, skill, intelligence and stamina. (we should only buy players if they have all these attributes)

      I know, this would cost over £100 mil, and totally unrealistic perhaps, but the Yanks have just spent that on the wages of one player at Red Sox. But will they release the purse strings? They have been very canny to only spend £34 mil net. Can you imagine if they had bought Carroll for what he's worth they would only have spent a net £10 mil!