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  • John John Mar 3, 2012 16:19 Flag

    Count yourselves lucky , gunners

    Count ourselves lucky we have RVP and not Carroll.

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    • Can't argue with you on that point , John , fair enough. RVP is quality , agreed. And you gunners are a lot more pleasant to converse with than that lot from down the road. But surely you can see that our Reds deserved a better fate. They were desperately unlucky not to be well ahead by half time. How many times can you be a heartbeat away from scoring yet go unrewarded? Couldn't catch a break today.

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      • We have had loads of those types of games.

        I completely agree that based on stats, it was amazing that Liverpool weren't 3 - 0 up by half time.

        Them's the breaks sometimes. Our goalie had a great game, but it took more than just RVP to get the win.

        Luckily Liverpool were not having a great day, as our defence again showed how we can easily lose games.

        There's no bad blood between our clubs. Generally other Arsenal supporters I know respect the way Liverpool play. After all, you beat us at the beginning of the season at The Emirates, and didn't make a big song and dance about it. What's the point?

      • You were unlucky to hit the post twice but I thought the ref gave you a break with the penalty. I couldn't see any contact between attacker and keeper at all.

        Also I'm surprised Reina didn't stop the second goal. It was just by him at the near post. Are his reactions slowing?


    • If you want fourth, John, even RVP won´t be able to secure it for you on his own. The rest of your team, Keeper excepted, were poor indeed today and Tottenham will rebound from your win last week as will Chelsea. The gunners need to raise their game just as we need to learn to put the ball in the net.