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  • Raaj Raaj Mar 3, 2012 16:55 Flag

    Who is to blame for all this...

    ....So yet again the inability to do to arsenal what AC MILAN have done to them has cost liverpool MASSIVELY....lack of killer instinct in front of goal.....

    Question is.....


    This sort of form has been going on now since 2008/09 when Liverpool nearly took Man U to the wire for the premiership title....back then it was the draws that cost the team getting its very first premiership title...

    Years later the problem remains the same...35 million quid worth of talent on the bench yet is more likely worth 3.5 right now....

    He's not even world-class calibre...(if ever..) the team won the carling cup yeah ok, congrats for that but even then it was the same old story struggling against teams lower ranked than liverpool, for reference, look at Swansea, Norwich, Blackburn etc...

    So why has not ever been addressed, who is to blame is it Comolli, Dalglish, Benitez? WHO???

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    • $th went several games ago for me but now it's gone. But don't worry Dalglish is happy with his attack. Those who talk about improvement. Dalglish took over from Hodgson's mess and basically while giving him credit anyone could improve on Hodgson. So Dalglish spent millions on average players who aren't even playing at that level apart from Suarez and Enrique. There is NO improvement on Benitez and things have even got worse. Dalglish and his coaches are now failing to motivate or improve the current squad now. Todays game was a sorry display. Again the Carling Cup is papering over the cracks.

    • I'd say we need a defensive midfielder & playmaker, winger & 2 top class strikers.. We get these players and we'll be the strong team we used to be..

      Suarez could be the (in the hole player).. linking midfield to the 2 strikers in front of him..

    • The simple answer is the entire squad and the manager. They are just not good enough yet, and it does look like it’s an outside possibility that we'll get 4th now.

      But the implication of your question is that you want a scapegoat, who you can then complain about and expect them to be replaced. But where would you start, if as I say the entire club is not yet good enough?

      Fire the manager? Replace the strikers (I already assume you want Carroll out) which means for Saturday replacing both Suarez and Kuyt. How about those who are supposed to provide better service, so lets get rid of Downing, Henderson, and Bellamy. The midfield again did not chip in so let’s dump Adam, Henderson, and Jay. The back line failed at keeping a clean sheet, so lets dump them all and start again, and since Riena really should have stopped RVP's second, lets look for a new keeper while we're at it!

      Sound like a plan?

      Or let’s look at a little reality. It does look like we're not good enough this term to get into the top 4. But rather than throwing them all out because they are not good enough, the question you should be asking is has this team grown and improved from last term, and do we think it can get even better even without additions?

      On the first I think there is no doubt. One successful cup run in the bag, and another well on course, and even if we do finish outside the top 4 it looks very likely we'll do better than last term. The second maybe more subjective, but imo many of the younger players and those who've not even finished a full season with us are likely to improve. And that is all before new recruits who may come in to fill out the squad.

      So before people start talking about throwing out the baby with the bath water, how about building on what to me looks to be a pretty firm foundation Kenny and others have established this term.

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      • who is to blame for all this?
        Who is to blame for getting our first silverware for 6yrs? who is to blame for getting us to the last eight of the FA cup for the first time in years?
        Who is to blame for the 2nd best defence in the epl?
        Who is to blame for the wins against Man city,man utd,arsenal,chelsea?
        Can we have a bit of perspective here?
        Yes the same people who are to blame for defeats to spurs,bolton,arsenal,etc.The same people who are to blame for a piss poor goal return.The same people who are to blame for too many draws at Anfield.
        That would be the people who told us it was a long term project,at least 3yrs to get us where they want us to be,constantly competing for major trophies.
        All I would say if you cannot see improvements in how we play now compared to the last knockings of Rafa's reign,or Woy's pitiful months,then go back to your ps3 and fifa 12.
        We have lacked just one thing this year, a consistant goalscorer.I believe the manager and his staff know this, and will address it in the summer.( Better than a panic buy in January)

    • Put yourself in the place of a new manager at Liverpool. Can you honestly say you would not get rid of Carroll, Henderson, Downing. You would look at Kuyt and Maxi as well. Bellamy is ok but getting on. Aquilani and Cole may be unloaded. You are recognising that several new quality players are needed and you are looking to unload Dalglish's most expensive recent buys for big losses because they are not good enough and the coaching staff cannot seem to improve them. Everyone clamoured to get rid of Ngog and Babel but they are world beaters compared to Carroll.

    • People getting a bit excitable on here! Its not the gaffers fault, whats he meant to do? I was sympathising with him on the touchline on Saturday, hes stood there watching his team be organised, solid, positive and attack minded. Everybody was giving 100% and his front 3 are all playing wonderfully but not hitting the net, if anything we got worse when Bellamy came on. The whole time there was this niggling feeling that RVP would get another sniff and it would be all he needed.

      We need a better finisher or we need to get ours to improve. It would be difficult to argue that had RVP been our player this season that we wouldnt be in the midst of a title fight right now. All you needed to do was watch the Spurs/United game on Sunday to see a masterclass in finishing chances at key moments, sadly the benchmark of Man United teams, that is the difference i'm afraid. Suarez is electric, full of tricks, clever movement and tenacity but he isnt the clinical finisher we might like right now. Yes we have been unlucky many times and we have more often then not been the better side but that wont win us Champions league football let alone titles!

      Its going to be an exciting summer for us as surely we will get the striker that we all look forward to signing, just a question of who it should be and will they find the form that earned their reputation, as Chelsea full know, buying the elite finishers in the world doesnt always get you what you expect. Shevchenko was the best poacher in the business when he signed, Torres the poster boy of the premier league, both soon became jokes despite their undoubted quality. Fingers crossed we get a good un!

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      • Manager is to blame. He rightly cleared out a lot of dead wood and has been given huge transfer funds. Carroll overpriced joke. Downing just average and so is Henderson. They have basically not improved over the season and have few PL goals between them. Coaching staff cannot seem to improve them. Adam average but at least only cost about £7m which could be recovered. We all know Suarez and Enrique have been excellent buys. Coates one for the future and again reasonable value at about £8m. Bellamy good for a free. Top PL goalscorers have 6. RVP and Rooney over 20 and team mates who have several each.

    • Liverpool FC are right against racists - especially black ones!

    • Well you could say Dalgish is to blame as he's the manager.. He buys the players.. Seems to me Comolli just spots potential talent amd reports it to Kenny & FSG?

    • Nobody.

      It was just one of those games.

      Arsenal have had loads of them. Plenty of possession and shots, but no results.

      It happens. Focus on next week. It's only one result.

      You did us in our back yard, so it's only fair we did you in yours.


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      • Raaj is right to ask John. We never put five goals past Tottenham. Why? Because of what he says. Can´t score to save our lives - luck aside. On a good day, we scrimp by with the odd goal from innumerable chances created, unlike the gunners who, on a good day, score for fun. So, not just one of those days or games I´m sorry to say! RVP has scored more goals than our team this season!