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  • John John Mar 3, 2012 17:15 Flag

    Who is to blame for all this...


    It was just one of those games.

    Arsenal have had loads of them. Plenty of possession and shots, but no results.

    It happens. Focus on next week. It's only one result.

    You did us in our back yard, so it's only fair we did you in yours.


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    • Raaj is right to ask John. We never put five goals past Tottenham. Why? Because of what he says. Can´t score to save our lives - luck aside. On a good day, we scrimp by with the odd goal from innumerable chances created, unlike the gunners who, on a good day, score for fun. So, not just one of those days or games I´m sorry to say! RVP has scored more goals than our team this season!