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    Fernando Torres..

    With 82% of LFC fans (from various forums) wanting Torres back. Then maybe time to bring him back. We all know 27 yrs old is when a player is at his peak.

    Kenny was on good relations with Torres.

    A... Bellamy, Torres, Suarez strikeforce would be very strong and would propell us back up the league where we belong..

    I've no doubt he still loves the club.. He just doesn't get the same adoration he gets at Chelsea but he would here..

    We're a much different club to when he left..

    He called us a "small club" you know what he was right..

    We had lousy owners and Kenny had took over from a succession of crappy managers H&G got in..

    We've now got in very good owners and kenny of course whose steadying the rocky ship that's LFC..

    Torres comes back to us. Kenny as a former striker will bring the fire back that Torres used to have..

    I know I'll get naysayers.. but before you say anything.. have a good think..

    Suarez was brought in to play off Torres.. Torres must've been given misinformation..

    We could get back Torres for around £20m, we offload Carroll for around £10m..

    We've made a net profit.. If you take into account we sold Torres for £50m then out of that £50m we buy Carrol (Saurez was already booght).. for £35m..

    Seems a no brainer to me.. Torres will score goals.. Carroll never will the proliffic striker we need..

    We buy Torres in the summer.. Then we bag our first EPL title..

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    • I think Pep is out consideration, at least that's my take. While he keeps hinting at an exit and signing 1 year deals, I find it hard to believe he'd walk away on the best club in the world, probably ever, along with the best player of our generation not even in his prime yet. And, with 4-5 new faces brought in, and slowly coming into their team..

      I don't think Pep could lure alot of those players to follow him either, and if there is a move on the cards, it seems Inter for some reason is the strongest front runner.

      I think it's a 3 horse race between Joselina, Rafaela and Guus with a remote chance of Di Matteo if he can win the FA Cup and get 4th spot. In the grand scheme of things, that'd be a greater achievement in 12-13 weeks than avb did, and truth be told, I really believe if AVB was given a razor and shaved, stopped wearing a trench coat, and cleared his fcuking throat just once, he'd had carried on to the rest of his 14 year reign as Cfc hierarchy (aka anarchy) predicted..

    • I guess, I must be in the minority on this one.


    • Robert, I can only see Maureen coming back if Roman agrees to stay the hell out of his way and stop trying to play manager....

      ..... and stop lingering around the club like big brother....

      ......and TRUST him and his judgement when it comes to building the squad.

      I remember reading reports around the time Maureen left (not sure how true they were) that the silverware he delivered to Chelsea wasn't enough, and RA wasn't happy about the style of football he was delivering. FFS, he doesn't want much, does he???

      RA needs to pull his head out of his @rse and get real. Once he does that, maybe then there's hope for any Chelsea manager.

      And Guardiola would I think be committing career suicide going to Chelsea. After the success he's overseen at Barca, an 8 month failed managerial stint at Chelsea will take the gloss of it....

    • Well, we don't know, do we. These things are done behind closed doors. However, the mood music was rather different to how every other Chelsea manager left. I suspect the situation with mourinho was more about two strong characters both determined to be top dog who saw things in different ways. Perhaps it was said to Mourinho "I want you to do this this and this." "I won't do that that and that, I'm doing it my way." "well I give you a choice: do this this and this or leave". "okay then i'll leave"

      Is that a sacking or a resignation or leaving by mutual consent? And does it matter?

      I'm not actually predicting that Mourinho will come back. I'd like it. However, the situation does make me think of splitting up with a girlfriend after three years and then a few years later getting back in touch. You remember the good stuff, and the bitterness surrounding the separation has been largely forgotten. The original attraction still remains and you think "yes, lunch was nice but actually I'd rather like to have breakfast with you."


    • Hey Robert

      You might be right that Jose is coming back but I'm not sure about "Both he and CFC said the parting was by mutual consent". Isn't that the standard press release by many clubs once they've agreed the compensation?

    • Unfinished business. He has said many times he and CFC had a love affair and he does seem to have a genuine fondness for the club more than his following clubs. He was better loved by Chelsea fans than by Inter or Real fans.

      "after what happened last time". What happened last time was that he and Chelsea won a lot of domestic trophies. He wasn't actually sacked. Both he and CFC said the parting was by mutual consent.

      Where we might agree is that Abramovich would seem to be losing more face in appointing Mourinho a second time than Mourinho and, yes, it's more likely to be on Mourinho's terms. Would Roman agree? If you were Roman with the experience of the last few years and you felt Mourinho was your best hope of CL success, would you agree?

      I would be surprised (and disappointed) if Mourinho joined another Premiership club. There would seem to be only two who might give him plenty of budget for new players and the other one already has an ex-Inter manager.


    • in my experience 82 % of the fans do not want him back. he a traitor, and also he is in bad shape now. he is 28, he will not be better anymore.
      no thanks.

    • There's something seriously wrong with the lad and it existed long before his switch to Chelsea.Even Spain have dropped him. having said that a 50% Torres is 100% better than Caroll who looks so ungainly.makes you weep to think Crouch was moved on. Could score with left,right and head. As for Craig B he's a joy to watch just for his shear effort.....which goes for Dirk as well. Remember the apocryphal story of Shanks weighing shirts at the end of matches. Dirk would have got the bonuses.

    • Blimey. You must be younger than me. When I drink that much on a Saturday night I'm dead on the Sunday morning, not still going. Just don't go out driving.


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      • Personally I bear no ill will towards Torres for leaving.

        That said, watching him struggle for the Chavs is slightly enjoyable. More because Romans' interference is failing his own club again. He keeps blaming his managers for not delivering what he wants, sacking them left right and centre. If he just let his manager and the players get on with the job and stop looming around the place all the time, maybe then they'll stop carrying on like chickens fearing the axe!

        As for Torres coming back..... no thanks. Unless it was at a real cut price deal, he's no longer the player he was for us a few years ago IMHO.....

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