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  • Loki Loki Mar 7, 2012 22:37 Flag

    Summer wishlists - Who do you want?

    I said this on another thread, but I'd be interested to see what you guys think would be the ideal players to move the team forward. Forget the OUTS, lets look at who we want to come in!

    My list is:

    Huntelaar, Cavani, Lavezzi, Hamsik, Lassana Diarra, Dyer, Rhodes, Sinclair

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    • Nice choices guys, Carroll should go....

    • I agree with a few of Jason's. I've said before I think Scott Sinclair is the real deal, can't believe he didn't get a look in for the England squad. And no disrespect to Swansea who have been great value this season but you would have to think if we put a decent offer in we would stand a good chance as long as we don't wait until after Man City/United, Chelsea, have sniffed around. Also agree with Dempsey, at the peak of his career which means (hopefully) he would hit the ground running. I can't see that we would get both of these although Dempsey could be played more as a central striker.

      Afellay is a really interesting suggestion, I haven't seen his name mentioned anywhere else but could be a really astute signing.

      I can't see any value in strikers in the market right now. The fact that people are even mentioning Defoe, Bent, and saying Huntelaar is out of our league?? They are just not that good and not worth the ridiculous price tags that would be placed on them. Remember back in the day, Fowler, Wright and Cole could hardly get a game for England any one of them now would have 50mil on there head. I'm hoping the next Fowler/Owen comes up from the youth team. About time I think. Also getting rid of Kuyt and keeping Carroll would be fool hardy in my opinion.

    • My wishlist:

      Huntelaar, Messi, Defoe, Mascherano ..(we still need a good defensive midfielder)

    • bump out Andy Carroll on loan for a year......... and buy Mario Gomez simple

    • That should be a nice cheeky £150m, no probs, we can just play with 9 forwards plus Skrtel and Agger :)

      I try to avoid these thread to much as you can go a bit overboard and into lala land. Im going to put my optimisitc-ish list of ins and outs. They are big players I have listed but thats what we need now. We have a really good platform in our squad, it needs the jewells in the crown, not packing out with same standard depth.

      Joe Cole, Aquilani, Poulsen, Darby will all hopefully not return

      Fabio Aurelio - One of my favourite free agents, too injury prone though but a great player.He never gets a look in at any level anymore so its seems pointless to hinder the progression of Kelly and Robinson.

      Maxi - Will be sad to see him go as I still think he should be picking up starts in home games, he would be as likely to score a goal in a tight game as anyone. £100k a week to sit on the bench though? His contracts up in the summer and surely its time to go home to the Newells Old boys.


      Edinson Cavanni - I think if it was our only target this summer most of us would be happy, wonderful finisher and runs all day long. Might have a lot of competition for his signature though. He doesnt seem a cash diva and by hearing him talk about Napoli, you would think he would love playing at Anfield - £30m

      Seydou Keita - We have been light in the deep midfield role this year, Lucas being missing has stifled Adam and Gerrard heavily. He is a very similar player to Yaya, probably more skillfull but slightly less complete - £5m

      Marko Marin - Probably Germanys most gifted player, he has pace and guile, can play either flank or in behind the stiker - £18m

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      • At least your somewhat realistic. It's funny people throwing names like, Hulk, Hazard, Huntelaar.

      • They probably are all cheaper than Carroll.

      • I don't want to speculate on who will go, but sadly I think there might be another player or two who might depart, 1 being Kuyt and not because he's not good enough or not valuable. I think he just enjoys his football and can certainly start for a good club and Italy seemed to be very interested in him. So if that's what he wanted and to prolong his Int'l career, I'd wish him well, and that would open a spot for another..

        Edinson Cavani, I don't have to say anything, London's 3rd biggest club will get a reminder next week.. And, to confirm Hobs theory about money, here ya go: http://blogs.bettor.com/Edinson-Cavani-states-money-is-not-his-motivator-Serie-A-News-a133502

        Clint Dempsey - Absolutely in the form of his life and offers 3 - 4 capable roles in the team, from wide either side, support striker, or lone striker. He's certainly outgrown Fulham and I think he'd be perfect to replace a Kuyt & Maxi, with much more pace and a clinical finisher. He's only 28 too..

        Ibrahim Afellay - I can't see any way he's going to stay with Barca with everything they already have, and what's coming in now with the younger players. When fit he has electric quickness and pace on the right side with great delivery and wouldn't break the bank.

        Javi Martinez - He's my reach player, not named Cavani. Superb CDM from Athletic Bilbao, only 21, 6'2 and a massively skilled box to box player.

        Scott Sinclair - I wanted to stay away from prem players, but I'm very impressed with him, his pace, ball skills and how well he does for a young lad. I view him sort of like Ashley Young, maybe less finesse, but faster.. I think he'd be a great addition to play on either flank and be a long term 1st teamer after Downing's done doing nothing..

    • Will you be pulling yourself off thinking of these men