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  • Paddy Paddy Mar 11, 2012 08:11 Flag

    Will Kenny be given another year?

    Hugely disappointing display yesterday leading to a predictable response from many on here.

    My question here is not whether you think Kenny should be given another year or not, it's whether you think the ownership will stay patient or not.

    At the start of the season Mr Henry was quoted as saying that 4th place was the minimum and we are clearly a long way short of that.

    On the other hand, there has been a lot of financial structuring going on (e.g. wage bill lowering), many players in their first year and a number of games where we've been unlucky. Not to mention the CC.

    For my money, I think the answer depends on how Liverpool finish the season. If performances and results pick up (the FA Cup would help but I doubt is essential) then I think Henry will give Kenny another year. A few more games like yesterday and I think he might be gone.

    What do you think?

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    • I'll gran you Benitez bought fantastic players, Alonso in particular but please do't use the net spend argument. The dross he bought cost us a huge amount of money week in week out in wages. I believe Jovanovic was on £125k a week - £6.5m a year!!!

      Secondly how much woud a 26 year old Kuyt cost nowadays? A bit more than £10.5m I'm sure.

      Comparison is difficult and to be honest as said above it shouldn't be done. Things were different and the page has been turned. It's gone.

      I will however share your concern at our current league form. For me there are players who are either struggling to adapt or are perhaps not at the level we aspire. I would also say that Kenny is showing incredible faith in the squad and there are times when he's not getting anything back.

    • Is that all the imagination you've got Carrollgees? Perhaps you need to practice on someone your own mental age, and come back to me then. Lucifer wept - what an amateur!

    • Well done loki...
      41 years old and your balls have just dropped!!!
      Well done son.

    • Nice one Carrollgees, a feud. My dad's bigger than your dad. You can't possibly go to the match, your carer doesn't work on Saturdays.

    • Loki you nob jockey,
      I'd be confident that ive been to plenty more matches than you. home, away, wembley, cardiff, europe...

      Go find your mate for comfort.

    • you forgot 'Who never goes to the game' Carrollgees.....

    • Carolgees, EVERYBODY buys the title. If you don't know that you ain't got a clue about football!

      If we win the FA Cup (big if I'll grant you), this will be the best season since 2005! I am giving credit where it is due, and if our league form is the same next year I will be first in the queue clamouring for change, but Kenny deserves another year because the club has stabilised and is better off than before he came back.

      I really hope you haven't got kids because the moronic imbecility of your first statement shows that the world can't afford your genetic material to be passed on.

    • A classic from kenny... "Carroll, bought for the future".
      £35m, cant be bothered on the pitch. probably wont be bothered next week either.
      classic, laughed my head off at that one.
      pure genius.
      keep takin the pills lad!!!

      Mint sauce anyone?

    • 3 things colin...
      you are obviously happy with mediocrity...
      you assume I were one of those who was on lucas' back, when I have seen his talent all along (Benitez never played him in his right position until a CL game against a french club, I forget who)...
      Lastly... Baaaaa
      From a proper red, born and bred anfield lad!

    • So Commolli should go?

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