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  • Paddy Paddy Mar 11, 2012 08:11 Flag

    Will Kenny be given another year?

    Hugely disappointing display yesterday leading to a predictable response from many on here.

    My question here is not whether you think Kenny should be given another year or not, it's whether you think the ownership will stay patient or not.

    At the start of the season Mr Henry was quoted as saying that 4th place was the minimum and we are clearly a long way short of that.

    On the other hand, there has been a lot of financial structuring going on (e.g. wage bill lowering), many players in their first year and a number of games where we've been unlucky. Not to mention the CC.

    For my money, I think the answer depends on how Liverpool finish the season. If performances and results pick up (the FA Cup would help but I doubt is essential) then I think Henry will give Kenny another year. A few more games like yesterday and I think he might be gone.

    What do you think?

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    • Depends how determined and ruthless our owners are for success?

      If they're ravenous for success then they'll be looking for a man who sees 2nd best as being nowhere..

      For too long we've had managers who make up excuses like"we tried, we're imroving".. crap like that..

      Lets call a spade a spade.. if we're crap then we're crap and we're not good enough..

      LFC isn't good enough if we aspire to win the EPL season after season..

      Players like Adam shined at Blackpool yet brought to a big club like ours they look average if not worse than average.

      I saw a Yahoo video about our tactics. Showed Adam's crosses.. He plays the same pass diagonally time and time again, he doesn't see whose there to collect it.. just hoofs it over..

      You may argue then why don't we have players with the intelligence to see the pass coming and collect it?

      Also saw Adam trying to do clever moves to take players on and lose the ball..

      We should keep it simple and go back to passing to your nearest man, and keep the ball moving.. Thats how we won in the 70's & 80's..

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      • To be completely honest, based on what I've seen occur the past decade and more here in the states, I think he'll get 1 more year and that's talking as of this moment.

        This is a completely ambitious and wishful thinking statement, but the team could go on to win the FA Cup and the rest of the league matches, and it be considered a great season so none of this will be a talking point.

        OR, we could get eliminated at home to Stoke and finish somewhere below 7th with nothing but Europa to show for it and that's when this question will come into play..

        If it's the latter, I will go on experience and say they will be forced to make the difficult but necessary decision in honor of their investment and for the better of a world wide base of fans, not just a sentimental group... It's an answer that will be slowly clarified in the next month... IMO..

    • Are we Chelsea or Liverpool. Season and a half and people want to chop and change? If we were going backwards as we were under Roy then I could understand but it seems to me we are doing at least as well in the league playing, yesterday aside,much better and picked up our first silverware in years.

      But to put this in perspective while we have spent a hefty amount of money ask yourself how many seasons in a row city have been spending the same or more yet they only made the top 4 last term. But do you see anyone calling for Mancini head?

    • Are you making this up as you go along?

      Would you care to tell us who has spent less money in terms of transfers and wages and guaranteed themselves CL football? I'm sure your not talking about Man C, Man U, or Chelsea (assuming they might get a CL spot) as I'm sure they all have a higher wage bill than us.

      So maybe your talking about Spurs or Arsenal, who's wage bills I'd assume is in line with ours, but are you really saying that the North Londoners have not spent any money? Spurs have certainly invested over the last several seasons, and while Arsenal have certainly been frugal, both Spurs started ahead of us from last term, but some how you expect us to not just catch them up, but pass them spending the same or less.

      The only club I think you might have a case with is Newcastle, who I have to take my hat off to. They took the risk on someone like Ba who no-one wanted due to his medical history and the risk has paid off. But you’re also assuming that Newcastle will do better than us, and also get CL football, which is one heck of a big assumption.

      More research needed on this wind up I think!

    • Wrong end of the stick as usual. I am saying by all means spend millions but get value for money. The players I have mentioned have been flops at huge cost. Should have been chasing top two on the money spent.. We want to see progree for money spent, even better if get in top four. LFC now struggling to hang on to 7th. About four teams within 3 points. Everton spent peanuts and snapping at heels. There is no improvement on Benitez forget Hodgson. Also LFC always had CL money of £30 to £50m towards transfers etc. Last summer money made up from Henry's pocket. He might not be so keen looking at the cost of what was bought last summer and total lack of any improvement.

    • So when challenged you can't back up your claim? Instead changing the subject to your old broken record.

    • You obviously struggle to understand arguments.

    • I'm still wondering whose paying less amounts but getting more. Are you avoiding the question? If you can back up your statement I'd be very interested otherwise got to assume you are making it up as you go.

    • Please keep him worse than hodgson and rafa funny as fu*ck

    • Please let him stay cos he is crap but he'll walk like he normally does

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      • Yes, he'll get another year on the basis of the cup runs, he's a club legend, and because we are a club that doesn't dispose of managers easily (barring Hodgson).

        We are also a club that doesn't expect top 4 anymore. It is a goal, but not one that is demanded. Almost all fans understand we have fallen out of that bracket and are unlikely to get back there, certainly in the next 3 years until the FFP regs kick in, assuming they are strictly enforced. Even then our stadium issue will hold us back.

        On the basis we have our worst home record since 1954 this season, our league form on the whole has been awful, and we have at least 4 Kenny buys that have looked anywhere from middling to downright terrible given the way he has set the team up, I think he is a lucky boy to stay for next season. Especially since in the same period as Roy had in the lge, Kenny only recently managed a solitary point more.

        Next season I do think the local hero status has to be forgotten, and it is results, results, results. If he doesn't get them, he's gone.......

        and I love the stuff on this thread about us lowering the wage bill and spending less. Than who? When? Kenny has had big money to spend, no doubt about it! No-one here knows what the players earn as a package.

    • Loki, did you find the comfort you were looking for, as you crawled up Steers 4rse?
      He may be the only manager who has won the league with 2 different clubs, but (at the risk of sounding like a scum fan), how long ago was it??? Also, if you remember when he sloped of to Blackburn, he outspent everyone to effectively buy the title.
      I know my post and opinion are contentious, but time will show he is NOT the man to lead us back to glory.

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