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  • Loki Loki Mar 11, 2012 21:51 Flag

    Suarez happy to play for PSG

    If he did say this stuff, then lets get the best money we can for him and buy strikers who can put the ball in the net!

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    • This is quite amusing, given how much you despicable scum bags have supported the racist piece of filth.
      You get what you deserve, and it seems you have been given a spanking by karma for over a couple of decades now, rightfully so too.

    • The club could tell players.. "you're not allowed to speak to the media without our consent and knowledge of what is to be said"..

      That way we've some control and these stories get put to bed.

    • Simple question, why would we give this story any more credence that the usual paper talk we see? Fact he's said he'd love to play at club level with the same players he plays with at the international level should not be a big surprise. If that means he's angling for a move to Paris would seem like a very large leap to me.

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      • Dave,

        While there's a good chance it's exactly what I suggested, a story that left out bits and only put in parts to stir the pot, along with Suarez saying he'd be happy to join Lugano (as well as Cavani saying it too), in today's market is it really not worth just a bit of consideration?

        You have to factor in that PSG have hinted that they were very interested in Suarez as well, so whether media created or not, it's only natural for Suarez to have heard or read that, then been asked and he gave an honest answer. It wouldn't be worth acknowledging at all if he said "I don't pay attention to papers or stories" like alot of others, or I'm happy to stay at Liverpool (with teammate Coates) and perhaps I'd love for Cavani or Gaston Ramirez/David Texiera to come join me here..

        If I knew for a fact without a doubt that we would be able to sell him and get a real and true striker, I wouldn't blink an eye, but with things not exactly going swell pending today's derby we could find ourselves in a precarious situation all over again. I'm just saying it COULD happen, not that it will, not losing sleep over it just keeping an eye..

    • It wouldnt be the first time that Suarez will have shown Kenny the finger. First the Evra handshake and now just a few days after Kenny says there is no way we will entertain selling him, he goes ahead on French TV to say that he would welcome the move.

      My view is that if they make an offer, sell the guy, he is more trouble than he is worth. Messi scored FIVE goals the other day, has anyone ever heard him speak about any team other than Barca, no coz the guy has class, unfortunately Suarez does not. Good riddance it will be but we should make sure that we make them pay thru the nose.

      Only problem is that Kenny has surrounded Suarez with riff raff and once he is gone there wont be any talent left.

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      • Hi Mel

        I asked you this on another thread but I think you must have missed it.

        Given that you are not happy with the direction of the club - can I ask what you would do to change it? Obviously constrained by the reality of where we actually are rather than a wish list of Messi, Hazard, Cavani etc.

    • Here's what I've found..

      I'm sure they've cut out, and shortened things to make it seem a little more dicey a situation than it really is, but after he was a one man show Saturday surrounded in the box by defenders I wouldn't blame him.

      It actually saddens me more to see that Cavani may have even the slightest interest, though all he says is Paris is tempting.. I'm partly saddened by the thought though since I think the 2 of them would be devastating, we'll never see the 2 of them in Red, and I like Cavani playing for Napoli, they're fun to watch..

      Though I've often said to myself Fcuk Suarez for all the chances he's wasted and constant drama, if this does happen, it just signals another sign of going the wrong direction and if we got 30M for him, Kenny might be tempted to buy Darren Bent for 40M while his torn ankle ligaments are still damaged..