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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Mar 13, 2012 09:58 Flag

    No EPL title next season...

    I can't see us winning the EPL title until 2 seasons from now , at the very soonest..

    The team still needs many, many improvements in the squad.. if key players wish to leave then that further sends us backwards..

    Lets assume then we only think of our team and it's progress rather than worry about others..

    Then we need need to get our arses in gear.

    Yes FSG still are still new to the world of football and the dealings that goes on.. So we can give them that..

    The vital question is: whose the manager to really take us foward? By take us foward I mean make us a top 3 club.. Not top 4..

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    • you missed your calling, a comedian.

      lfc are about as near winning the prem as saddam hussain is as controling wales.

      get back to me when you land,

    • I dopn't expect anyone to agree with me I have to say, they are just my views.....

      1. All I can say is that if you improve your points tally from the previous season, that is progress. There are 5 very good sides, all investing on a rolling basis on their sides, with good stadia and brands, ahead of us right now (well 6, but discounting Newcasle which I shouldn't do). If we finished ahead of any one of them, THAT is progress. So 5th would be progress. We won't be 5th this year. Note: This year our tally will LIKELY be less than last year, despite Roy, and no owners for 5 months.

      2. I'd only realistically (hence not Guardiola/Mourniho) take Rafa, O'Neill, or Emery. Hiddink as an outsider.....moves around too much for my liking.

    • Hi Sideshow

      Fair enough.

      A couple of questions for you ...

      1) What would qualify as a success next season in your opinion
      2) Who do you think, if not Kenny, would be the man to get us there?


    • I just don't think 'heart', 'love of the club', 'traditional values' all of which Kenny has, will win titles.

      For me it is tactical awareness, the identification of players in the transfer market, the coaching of good young players, and the selection of a coherent side playing to a clear set of principles, that will win titles.

      Kenny this season has shown himself short of most of the latter values in todays game, but with plenty of the first set, which have been a weakness not a strength....ie the suarez debacle.

      I love the man, but he has not got it in this day and age to manage at the top level. He's been out too long, didn't do well at Newcastle, half ruined Celtic, and bought a title at Blackburn without building a legacy, with cash he won't have on a regular basis here.

      I'm sorry, those are my opinions.

    • Sideshow, could I please ask where you get your quite obvious belief that your 'OPINION' is the way it's going to be? I think you'll find that sentiment is possibly the wrong word when it comes to Kenny as this means not moving forward and resting on past successes. I'd rather see Kenny as the man with the desire to take us to a new era with the same heart that existed under Shankly, Paisley, Fagan, Evans and Dalglish. An Era of pride on the pitch that matches the unbounded pride of the supporters. If that is all Kenny brings to the club then I don't feel we're far away from being the best again.

    • Why so pessimistic? I also doubt we'll be challenging for top spot next season, but do expect progress toward not just winning the league, but being in a position where we have the foundations (a stable club, stable revenues, stable ownership, management, and a young squad) that can keep us challenging for years to come.

      FSG took over in Oct of 2010 but some expect that they should take us from a club that was flirting with the relegation zone to champions in less than 2 full seasons? I've said this many times on here, but not sure anyone has taken any notice. The fact is City were taken over by the Arabs during the summer of 2008, while they were a club who competed for Europa spots. 3 full seasons of unprecedented spending to eventually break into the top 4.

      They do now look like genuine title contenders but it did not happen over night, and nor will it for us. I have no idea if Kenny can get us to that position, but there is no doubt that is the ambition of the owners, and while Kenny is making steady progress for me he is the man to take the club forward as far as he can.

    • Kenny Dalglish

    • You will never win the epl man city will dominate for the next 20 years you had your go 30 years ago same as wolves 60years ago and huddersfield 80 years ago get the dvds and enjoy the old days and stop bleeting

    • Liverpool 3-1 Everton

      That's how many fans will think it's still worth turning up.