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    Henderson the weak link......

    Good start so far but Henderson is the weak link IMO. Blind passes, loss of possession, poor positioning..... He is undoing most of the good work.... Please KD, take him off....

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    • I hope many remember this thread in a year or two. I don't know if Henderson will turn out to be as good as Kenny obviously thinks he can be, but I'd not bet against it. But of course there are many on here who know they have much more wisdom than our manager!

      Btw, no one having a go at Carroll today? Strange how some would rather change the subject when they are shown not to be right. I’d not be surprised if a year from now all those who currently lambast Henderson will have moved on to some other kiddie we’ve just brought in or promoted from the reserves who’s doing his best to learn his trade on the big stage.

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      • dsteer...Dave I think many on here as u say are silent about a player they have recently bitterly criticised if that player has just turned in a decent 90mins as Carrol did v The Bluenoses. As u say they simply move on to criticise somebody else for their alleged shortcomings ? i THINK ITS ALL TIED UP WITH THE MODERN DAY DESIRE FOR INSTANT GRATIFICATION IN ALL AREAS OF ONES LIFE...this inevitably leads to impatience .
        We will Im convinced start to see the best from our current squad towards the half way point of next season when Kenny has got them playing his way...as he will...given the time of course.
        IM setting myself up here to be shot down by these people so ready to criticise most of our players and Kenny into the bargain....so I hope they do file this e mail and quote it back to me if Im wrong next season...because for sure if Im right Im certain I wont be hearing anything from these so called :supporters: ?

      • To fair nearly everyone on this thread has stuck up for Henderson.

      • To fair nearly everyone on this thread has stuck up for Henderson.

      • I'll stick my neck out Dave - I think he will be a very, very good player.

        I think he's got loads going for him - of course he's not the finished article yet but the things that are missing (bad decision making mainly) will come soon enough.

    • You're right I do believe that Henderson is our weakest link along with possibly one or two others that I wouldn't have starting. Since Lucas was injured his failing has shown up more. Generally though the team is starting to look solid. Henderson has no pace nor vision of a pass and easily gets knocked of the ball which when we had Lucas playing he would be there to mop up the mistakes that both him and Adam would make when the lost the ball. He looks a totally different player from when he was playing for his former club and was such a bright prospect and caught the attention of so many of the other top clubs. But like so many before him when they move on to a much bigger club such as ours, they fall short. I would love to see Maxi given much more of a chance or run out in the side. Why because he is so much a better player than Henderson although he doesn't play in the same role. I think with more playing time he would get use to the pace of our game over here and we would start seeing his true worth. Not every player who comes to play over here is an instant success, he needs to play games. Had Kenny and the coaching staff given him more playing time I think we'd see a much more better player and the team scoring more goals. Kenny needs to try different options and this wouldn't be such a bad choice, what do you think?

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      • One thing I agree with you on is that Maxi is a quality player but he is a 31yr old earning £100k per week. I think you may have missed the boat a little bit with your calls for him to be given a chance as his time looks to be up at the end of the season. It seems a bit unfair that hes been overlooked as his form at the end of last year was sublime and was in his brief stint in the team earlier in the season. Hes a bit of a favourite of mine but for the future of the club, releasing him in the summer seems the best solution. £100k a week is too much money for a bit part player, thats the sort of money you can bring in Cavanis and Hazards on. If he was just a squad player (as he is) but earning £40k per week then I would say have him till he cant jog no more!

        He has played on the left or right when hes played for us, Henderson has predominantly played wide right or the right side of a 3 man midfield so they do have a similar role if not different in application. Adam, for me is a holywood player, capable of being a youtube or MOTD hero whereas Henderson goes through an exceptional amount of work but a lot of it is just the simple basic stuff.

        Who would you rather see playing? An England U21 captain on £40k a week with his career ahead of him or a 31yr old fading star earning 250% of the salary who is longing to return home to Argentina in the summer? Sometimes you gotta go with the bigger picture, yes at times you will see him lose the ball and think 'Maxi wouldnt do that' but hes learning the game still and is part of the new crop we are trying to gel together.

    • It looks like Kenny is really sticking it out with Hendo, and I say fair play, we could end up with a world class player in a couple years. I wouldn't want to see a revolving door at Anfield looking for instant success from young players. And I'm glad to see Kenny doesn't either.

      On a cautious note....
      Your right it was a great performance. But it's no surprise that everyone was up for this game, especially with four local players. I would love to see the same level of motivation against Stoke and all the other midtable and relegation teams we play till the end of the season.

    • He is doing fine by me. He ran his socks off all game and was involved in most of our attacking play. Hes missing a little in end product, I think his crosses could be better and he looks a little nervous in front of goal. Hes 21 years old in his first season at Anfield, his second full premier league season, he will improve and he definitely has quality.

      Its hard to please some people at the moment. They want instant success all the time but also want us to develop a younger squad. Last night we had 7 englishmen in our starting line up with 2 more in the bench and an England international out injured. I hate to mention the word 'progress' as it has been used so often recently but its a good start.

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      • I agree. It was not his best night last night, and he did make some mistakes, but anyone who thinks a 21 year old is ever likely to be perfect is living in dreamland.

        I'd also note he was lucky not to get the opener if it had not been by an excellent last minute block from Rodwell. If that had gone in I'm sure the posts on here would have been different.

    • I don't even think we should remove any of the gloss off of what was such an excellent overall team performance. So many of the individuals were superb that if you don't give the obvious man of the match to Gerrard and then Suarez, there's a legitimate case for Spearing, Kelly and several others..

      Definitely think Hendo could have done better, but much like some of us may have seen in Lucas, the one thing he does is literally run his socks off, chase everything, show how upset he is with a mistake and yet keep his head high. He's way out of position on the right, definitely needs a move to the center..

    • I think what Kenny is trying to do with Henderson is what happened to Sammy Lee when he broke into the first team. Sammy played mainly on the right for a couple of seasons before moving into the middle.

    • Its only Hendo because Charly Adam didnt make it into the line up. YNWA