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  • Loki Loki Mar 15, 2012 13:30 Flag

    Are the youth good enough? Here's your answer

    There's been a few on here writing off the season already and calling for some of our 'young guns' to be blooded. Well, the fact that they got spanked by Ajax 0-6 shows they are barely ready to wipe their own noses just yet. The youth teams are also in need of investment!

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    • Excellent post Sideshow and says pretty much what I was thinking. A youth system firstly has to try to get players in to the first team, fringe players are everybit as important as first team starters as every Flanagan, Spearing or Robinson negates the need for a Degen, Poulsen or Koncheskey absorbing multi millions to do what these lads are capable of. We have sculpted some good but not great players who have made us money such as Guthrie, Warnock, Hamill and Ayala who all now ply their trade in the premier league.
      Eventually one of these players will come back to haunt you, thats logical that you cant always predict a late bloomer. We havent suffered from that too much but United must feel sick to the core at the sights of Pique and Rossi tethering as world elite players.

    • 90% of the youth team is never going to be good enough. Wheras 75% of Ajax's will go on to play for the 1st team possibly. Ajax are a development/selling club, and Liverpool are a buying club. It's apples and pears.

      If we get two players out of the youth set up who do half of what Stevie and Carra have done, or who go for £5-10m in the future elsewhere, then it's paid for itself.

      Look at the players playing now who came through Liverpools youth set up in the last few years. Whitbread and Ayala at Norwich, a player I always liked in Adam Hammill at Boro, there are many floating around who have made the grade elsewhere. Pacheco will do well, Insua's having a decent career. Liverpool can't stick any players other than the very cream into the 1st 11 at 19 or 20 years of age. Not with the demands of our club (which to be fair are lessening).

      We have Robinson, Flanagan, Kelly, Coady, Wisdon and Eccleston on the brink, or ready to move on, plus Sterling, Morgan (who is probably another Mellor), Silva (doing well on loan), Pelosi, and the jewel in the crown potentially, little Suso, ready to take their place in the reserves.

      Plus then we have Jordan Ibe, and Jack Dunn in particualr follwing them up through the age brackets.

      One result vs Ajax tells us nothing. I think we have one of the most exciting academies around, much of it instigated by Rafa, and we will see those fruits soon.

      The LFC academy has added many players to the leagues from Prem to Lge 2, and will continue to do so, with the occasional jewels making our 1st team. It's all good, do not fret!

    • It doesnt sound from your original post that you were countering an argument of any sort, more an inditement that are youth side arent any good. If your point is that our youth team shouldnt be playing out the rest of the season, then you are entirely right. You should probably have made it a little clearer!

      Yes Spurs did beat Liverpool earlier in the series, not quite the 'spanking' you described but a 1-0 defeat all the same. They did, however, cheat so they rightly pulled out.

      Nobody said anything of the sort about Sterling, just that he is young, fast, strong and exciting, I think he scored 5 against Uniteds U19's a few months back too. Spurs are trying to buy him when they already have Lennon and Bale out wide so its probably a good reccomendation of his quality.

    • A quote from the match report tells the whole story.....

      "The result was undeniably harsh on Liverpool who controlled the game for long periods, but a lack of cutting edge combined with uncharacteristic individual mistakes proved to be the Reds undoing. "

      Story of our season wouldn't you say?

      There is obvious talent in that team but they'll never progress whilst they don't get a sniff at first team action, the quality of the opposition they are playing atm is just not up to scratch.