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  • Aurelio Aurelio Mar 19, 2012 13:21 Flag

    Are the youth good enough? Here's your answer

    I think you guys might be missing the point. They got into semi finals of he next gen series in the first place... a feat Man city, Tottenham and Barca youth didn't manage. The Ajax team featured some players with much more first team experience than any of the Liverpool players, supporting the argument to blood them. And Ajax youth also beat the Barca youth team 3-0, they are clearly not to shabby.

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    • Well said Aurelio, what a ridiculous original post anyway. Are are youth good enough? No, because they got dicked in the semi final of an elite competition?!?! I suppose we will call Uniteds senior squad not good enough for their destruction by City earlier in the season? What a crock of poop!

      What is this big thing about our youth system right now?! We have got Kelly and Spearing starting in our first 11, Flanagan and Robinson in the first team squad and a kid coming out of the reserves who Spurs are trying to buy for £8m!

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      • Why is it a ridiculous thing to counter the argument that we need to blood the youth coz our league season - according to some - is over. Youth should be blooded in a winning team, otherwise confidence is affected. If it is true that Ajax's youth play some Eredivisie games then that surely solidifies my point?

        By the way, Liverpool didn't get to the semi on merit. They were also spanked by Spurs youth who luckily fielded an ineligible player. The way some people are talking here, you would think Sterling is the answer to our every prayer!