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  • Jason Jason Mar 20, 2012 14:20 Flag

    From Across the Mersey

    Hey all,

    I just wanted to share this with you since I really enjoy discussing, debating and critiquing all things Liverpool, and the occasional topics outside of the RED.. A friend and I started this back a little while ago to show our enthusiasm and support of LFC in our own way, with a little twist from the American point of view on the club, things surrounding it and other topics.

    I know there's a million other sites out there, alot of which are American based, and we're really small right now, dunno if it will ever get that big, but we wanted to try something different with a little more humor, sarcasm and sattire with some spin on it.. I'd love to hear any opinions, feed back (negative or positive), and ideas you might have as well as trying to follow us on Facebook, twitter or the message board there. Even if I don't like you, feel free to have a go.. if you really s.uck, we'll just kick you out or embarass you on twitter... Anyways here's the link and the most recent article posted, and 2 below are the original write ups I did prior to this one.. BTW, we will be doing a piece on Hillsborough, working with local (NYC/Boston) LFC chapters and trying to get interviews etc., so please let me know of anything I can do to help in regards to those topics. I think it's really important for the American fan base to have an understanding and appreciation for what LFC stands for!

    Cheers mates!

    * http://acrossthemersey.com/2012/02/21/edison-cavani-vs-luis-suarez/

    ** http://acrossthemersey.com/2012/02/24/carling-cup-weeken/#more-74

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    • Jason, looks good mate. I'll try and check it out in more detail when I get some time and add some comments.

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      • Thanks Dave, mate. We appreciate any contributions you make, both positive and negative. If you ever have any ideas of anything we should do to help appeal to the fan base here please let me know, in addition to anything you think needs mention that I may not know or understand like I should..

        We're going to put money into this and have very ambitious goals, who knows maybe we'll get to speak with FSG one day since the other guy lives in Boston..

        Btw, did you hear about Liverpool visiting for a friendly tournament over here this summer?!?! That's HUGE!!

    • Nice one Jase, the site looks damned good. May I suggest however next time there is a derby post you have a giant LFC sign (which you do have!) but Everton's should be tiny next to it! That would wind up the blue noses!

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      • Haha, thanks for taking a look Loki! I'll be more than happy to try and pi.ss off any bluenose or rednose I can, but for now we just need more fans to pis.s off first!

        I really do appreciate you taking a look, and like I said to Dave, and for everyone, please feel free to comment or share ideas, especially things that mean the most to you and this great club!

    • Sarcasm & satire huh !! Not words I'd generally associate with americans :)..

      Hi Jason hows it going?

      So how is the LFC fanbase going from across the pond?

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      • You'd actually be quite surprised if I were to send you some videos of our local supporters clubs that I try to attend. Granted, the official LFC club in NYC brings in alot of British folks who live here in the greatest city in the world, but it draws quite a big base of Americans too..

        I think generally speaking amongst the English teams here, it would be Manure, Arsinine, and Liverpool third.

        Hopefully we'll be successful in what we try to do, and from time to time I'll toss out a link for ya'll to read. We have some massive ambitions, it's just a matter of time, money and... well time and money! Hopefully our match with QPR brings more happy writing and reading tomorrow and we'll carry on to bigger things.

        Thanks for the support guys, I really appreciate it, and promise to not let you down in our swipes at those who've got it coming!