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  • RonJ RonJ Mar 22, 2012 10:09 Flag

    Is Kenny done?

    no.......not 2 weeks ago.....it was 2 weeks ago last year he was Messiah

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    • Don't get me wrong Kenny WAS god of football.

      The results and league don't lie as to how far we've fallen.

      We've even lost much of our standing in the European rankings.

      FSG didn't know much about LFC when they took over they hired Kenny I presume based on what they were told about his past successes? Then the fans chanting his name probably was done to appease the fans, afterall it's the fans who pay to watch the games.. Had they gone against the fans then it could've hurt ticket sales..

      Now i feel it's time for the fans to accept that Kenny was a master at a previous time.

      Football has moved on a lot since then and it seems Kenny isn't up to the task?

      I hope I'm wrong but I'm basing my views on the season since he took over and the players he brought in along with his tactics..