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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Mar 22, 2012 13:31 Flag

    Is Kenny done?

    I'm a LFC fan I've made that clear on many times.


    Last time I knew we've freedom of speech & freedom of expression in this country..

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    • Armchair, 2 questions please:

      1) Were you against Kenny coming back?
      2) How long were you prepared to give him when he did come back?

      Just so I know.......

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      • Loki I was excited as were many when Kenny was announced as taking over as manager..

        Thinking of the glory days will be here again..

        Then after the honeymoon period ended the results then showed that as fans we voiced our thoughts from our hearts and not with our brains..

        Nothing wrong with that. If the successes on the pitch equal the desire of the fans.

        However I can see an unbalance there.. The performances on the pitch have been rather poor.
        The blame isn't all Kenny's as the players need to buck their ideas up.. As Kenny bought in these players he has to take full responsibility for that.

        As for how long was I gonna give Kenny? I'd review it over the summer period if I were FSG. It's indeed possible next season we could see a massive turnaround.

        As no one can see into the future, any decisions should be based on a results and league position basis.

        If we do hire a new manager then theirs the disruption that that they'll want to bring in their own team and players, and playing style..

        On the other hand we could stick with Kenny trust in him and hope upon hope he gets it right? It's a difficult choice to make.

        Ultimately it comes down to one thing..

        Whose the best person to lead us foward and get us the EPL title and many more..

        Is it Kenny? I don't know.