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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Mar 22, 2012 20:11 Flag

    Is Kenny done?

    I'm saying kenny's legendary status is intact as afar as the last time he was our manager. Thats not in dispute.

    I dispute some of the players he's signed are average to say the least.. The only 2 players who should remain is Downing & Suarez out of the ones that are playing in the first team.

    Look at the league results they don't lie.. Our position in the league is poor.

    Now don't get me wrong I like Kenny and like many I was delighted he was coming back.

    I hope I've egg on my face next season assuming Kenny is still here and we're flying in the league..

    That would be ideal and would remind me of the LFC I knew and loved as a boy.

    Since 1990 we've become a shadow of our former selves..

    People are willing to dispute with me.. Thats fine.

    Wowee so we beat a team that was 6th in the Championship and barely beat them at that.. We couldn't beat them in 90mins.

    We should've destroyed them if we had better players..

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    • "Wowee so we beat a team that was 6th in the Championship and barely beat them at that.. We couldn't beat them in 90mins."

      What about beating Stoke, Chelsea & Man City away to even have the right to turn up to our first outing at Wembley in years? Does that not count or is it all undone because we needed penalties to beat Cardiff?

      Seriously, if you're going to be critical at least try and be fair.

    • Armchair, be honest, you don't want egg on your face, you want Kenny gone now. That is what your saying is it not?

      As for only beating Cardiff, do you not think its an accomplishment to beat Stoke away from home, beat Chelsea away from home, beat Man City over two legs, as well as the lower league teams we had to overcome, all away from home. I suppose that was nothing.

      I'm not paper over cracks, as another poster would say. There are cracks and the league position tells us that. The question is who and how to best fill them in with a solid foundation.

      You don't think that is Kenny fine, but be honest and up front about that. But let me tell you one that as near a certainty as you can get in football, it will take money and time. The more money we have may help us speed things up, but nothing can happen overnight or in a single season.