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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Mar 21, 2012 23:44 Flag

    Is Kenny done?

    The man WAS a legend..

    But time out of the game seems to have shown his weaknesses..

    Maybe it was a mistake in re-hiring him..

    If we hadn't his legend status would remain intact..

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    • Armchair, correct me if I'm wrong but are you now actively saying you want Kenny out as Manager? If so then be honest about it. I and many won't agree with you, but nit picking about his legend status or such is not an honest approach if you've made up your mind. And to be honest I don't think you can say he or anyone’s legend status has gone, unless you are already saying he's failed.

      So are you saying he's a failure? If so what is the measure of why he's a failure? Is it because he could not (as seems likely) get us a top 4 finish? Is it because in your opinion the players he brought in are not in their first full season proving to be world class players, or at least the very best in their position in the league? Or is there something else you can quantify?

      But maybe I can offer you a different thought. I'm not going to call you a closet manc, I know your not. But I will say I think you have an overinflated expectation of what is possible, or even what is acceptable not to be considered a failure.

      Put it this way, I doubt you'll find a single LFC fan who is completely happy about our season so far. I expect like you and me most reds hope for everything, but not all expect it, at least no instantly.

      Is winning the first silverware in 6 years, refreshing the playing staff with a new generation, and improving the technical display on the pitch enough? Is it what we dreamed of last August? I doubt it, but is it failure?

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      • Dsteer what I am is a frustrated LFC fan who feels it's about time we started destroying teams on a regular basis..

        Thats the team I remember.. This is isn't the LFC I knew and loved as a boy.

        We seem to be accepting mediocre football and think it's fine and make excuses..
        Stuff like "we're doing better", "we're improving", Improving from what? We were getting 4th place in the league for a few seasons..

        So tell me how is losing games and not scoring goals that we get on target improving?

        Tell me how?

        Maybe yes I'm impatient, only because I love LFC passionately, and yearn for the glory days where teams feared us.
        It's laughable when I get called a manc or stupid shit like that..

      • No not quite a failure but close to it.. I'd sooner trade our League Cup for a 3rd or 4th spot in the league any day..

        If we win the F.A Cup I'd say thats somewhat of an improvement of sorts..

        The bread & butter of a club team is the league & the titles.. Cup wins are a bonus.

      • I'm saying kenny's legendary status is intact as afar as the last time he was our manager. Thats not in dispute.

        I dispute some of the players he's signed are average to say the least.. The only 2 players who should remain is Downing & Suarez out of the ones that are playing in the first team.

        Look at the league results they don't lie.. Our position in the league is poor.

        Now don't get me wrong I like Kenny and like many I was delighted he was coming back.

        I hope I've egg on my face next season assuming Kenny is still here and we're flying in the league..

        That would be ideal and would remind me of the LFC I knew and loved as a boy.

        Since 1990 we've become a shadow of our former selves..

        People are willing to dispute with me.. Thats fine.

        Wowee so we beat a team that was 6th in the Championship and barely beat them at that.. We couldn't beat them in 90mins.

        We should've destroyed them if we had better players..

    • Taking it to extremes assuming we had the funds.. we could get Messi for example.. we'd all agree that would be a dream signing him, and Suarez & he would be lethal upfront.

      You may be sat there thinking "is this guy nuts? Messi?" My point is Man City (using them as an example as an average club who then became good from arab money).

      We should be able to buy players and bring them here if the price is right..with US money.

      My point is any player has their price..

    • I did and I replied on that other thread.. which i agree is of relevance here..

    • armchair... r u a closet manc ? gO BACK TO SLEEP IN U ARMCHAIR AND STOP FLAPPING U GUMS !

    • How times change. 2 weeks ago you were calling him the messiah

    • I think he will get another year if it is no better next year or if the season starts off bad then he will be gone.