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    If not Kenny as manager then who?

    Here's a list of some top class managers who could do a good job here.

    Vicente Del Bosque
    Guus Hiddink
    Louis Van Gaal
    Rafael Benitez
    Carlo Ancelotti
    Marcello Lippi
    Giovanni Trapattoni
    José Mourinho
    Pep Guardiola

    Any one of those could make us great once more..

    So lets push the boat out and sign one of them asap in the summer and make us great once more..

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    • Ps also Jose Morinho would be a good bet.

    • I reckon we should bring back Benitez and get Neymar at the same time, sell Henderson who isn't worth the 20 mill we paid for that sort of money we could have got a good striker or midfielder from abroad.

    • Frank Rijkaard

    • I'm fed of of saying this ' bring back rafa before it's too late !

    • So it really comes down to the expectations of the owners based on what Kenny told them. Problem is we don't know what he told them, so it’s all guess work on our part.

      Its clear publically the goal was to get back to 4th or better, but I do also think both Kenny and the owners (who may not be football experts but do know a thing or two about competitive sports) were realistic in setting their expectations. What they actually are we can only guess, but my best guess is they were hoping for 4th, but also knew with at least 6 clubs competing for it, it was never a guarantee.

      So the question is has Kenny met the owners minimum expectations. He has met mine, but only the owners can answer for themselves, and theirs is the final word.

    • Hi Robert

      That makes sense and I'm like you in that I don't think the owners would hesitate if they thought he was failing.

      I guess we'll see soon enough.

    • I don't have a view on that. Or rather, I have two diametrically opposed views.

      If I was the owner and Dalglish had said to me - look we need to start again, buy some new players, take some risks, get some younger ones in. It might be a tough ride for a couple of years and our league form might not even get us into Europe but it will come good in 2013 or 2014. If Dalglish had said that to me and I had approved it then I couldn't now be in much of a position to change.

      But, if Dalglish had said to me - look, you need to get rid of Hodgson, LFC shold be in one of the CL positions this season, let me spend on new players and we should be right up there, then in 2011/12 we'll be playing CL and you'll get lots of dosh back and everything will be wonderful - if he'd said that back then but now he seems as unforthcoming and inarticulate to me as he is in TV interviews - then I'd be seriously thinking about who and how to replace him.

      Dalglish will always be a hero to the fans who are old enough. But he may not be a hero to the owner.


    • Seems to me Robert in football success vs. failure is not measured in absolute terms but against some arbitrary expectation. Hence the number Chelsea managers who have been dumped despite keeping the club consistently in the hunt for the title, but being piped at the post. But on the other end of the spectrum Uncle Roy is now considered second choice for the England job for keeping WBA out of the relegation zone. The fact is the fans and owners (those who actually make the decision) have different expectations between CFC and WBA.

      We could debate for days what are realistic expectations for Dalglish, but I've asked the many boo boys on here to actually state what there minimum and realistic expectations are, yet they seem to have declined.

      You however have put forward the statement that 7th is not good enough, so as a neutral I wonder what you think would be a realistic expectation. Reaching that or surpassing that I'd suggest is success. Not meeting it is failure. For me I expected progress, and being at least as good in the league, but picking up silverware (plus playing better, which I grant you is subjective) is at least progress. Roy on the other hand took us backward, and while I never had high expectations for Roy who I do think was handed a poisoned chalice with our previous owners, I did expect him to at least tread water.

    • I believe that the guy has Liverpool's interests at heart and that I think he'll do what's in the best interest of the club - if he doesn't think he's up to it then I've got no doubt that he'll go.

      Asking who else might take over at Liverpool IF that comes to pass is as relevant as asking who might take over at Utd, City, Spurs or anyone else that has a manager.

      I have no problem with that. But, if you're going to post your position on a public forum then it is reasonable to expect others to disagree, give a critical appraisal of it or ask you to justify it.

      I'm interested Robert, as an outsider do you have a view on what you would do in Liverpool's position? Would you stick with Kenny for another year at least or would you replace him with someone?

    • Well, you may be right and Dalglish may be doing a good job. You won the CC and you're in the semis of the FA Cup, but you haven't had the distraction of European football to bother you. It probably comes down to individual subjective taste whether Dalglish is a step forward or not, depending how you choose your metrics. But Dave's apparent belief that it isn't a serious question can be challenged, I think.

      There's another factor though. It may be that the more thoughtful Liverpool supporters would stick with Dalglish, but he's been getting quite a lot of stick in the press (some of it merited in my view for things other than your results). Maybe he'll decide it's not worth it or LFC would be better served if someone else took over. He's left his other management positions after not very long, as I'm sure you know. In that context, Armchair's question could be more pertinent than some are giving him credit for.


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