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  • Bombardier smitherz Bombardier smitherz Mar 22, 2012 19:18 Flag

    Is this enough!!!!!

    At first appointment of king kenny all was said was their is a buzz about the place in the interviews etc.
    But lets face it it didn`t last long like any buzz.
    Money spent has been terrible buys.
    Hederson carroll....I mean come on!!!
    Shevley is better than henderson face it kenny!!
    Even suarez is not a clinical finisher!!
    lets face facts we cannot get the ball in the back of the net!!!.
    I`ve supported llfc since 1976 and I`m very angry.very angry with the way things are going.
    Carling cup WOW
    I would sooner have consistency in the way we play.
    we really on the opposition conceding own goals for gods sake.
    I don`t care for how much possesion we have or how many times we have hit the woodwork.
    FACT is we cannot score.
    Now who else is sick to the back teeth of all this shyte we have to watch each week.
    we couldnt even beat cardiff out right!!!
    Its not enough things need to be done now its getting worse week by week

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    • Very good points about Lucas and the stick he got whilst developing. He has been sadly missed this season!!!
      Hopefully hendo will pull through to be of the same quality.
      But at the moment the way the results have been this year it`s hard to stomach.
      I totally agree that the carrol does`nt suit our system and when we do get out wide to cross the ball Downing`s supply has been poor so far.
      Again I do believe these things will change and things will click it`s a matter of time.
      Yet time is running out as we are slipping further down the freaking table.

    • Hola Miguel. Que tal?

      I understand what your saying, but I don't necessarily care about what they say about the transfers, it's what they do that matters to me. You see, if they came out and said they will be buying big in the summer, that just leads to inflated transfer fees. So I suspect and accept that there's a little game being played there......

      If it was like the old days were you wouldn't know who was coming in until the press conference I would be perfectly happy! (as long as we're getting quality of course)

    • Kenny bought most of it for stupid money and cannot coach any improvement out of it and cannot motivate it. It IS his fault in the main.

    • Hi Loki, good post but there are some issues which worry me in the media.
      Commolli is on recent record as is KK saying that we will not be buying key players in the summer as the squad is virtually complete. This is followed by Kenny saying that the team is tired and we don´t have sufficient depth to rest key individuals. He prefaced that by saying recently that we have one of the fittest squads in the league then contradicted it with the "tired" remark. He also has said that performances are more important than points and that we should be judged on the former. This doesn´t make sense to me.

      The upshot is that many supporters are becoming disenchanted with the way things are - not - going at the moment and, unless messrs Henry & Co spend big and the managemenmt buy better in the summer than they did last year, I fail to share your optimism which appears to me - and forgive me if I misunderstand your post - to be based on what you´d like to see happen as opposed to what is coming out of Anfield at the moment?

    • If our owners aren't that bothered about winning the title, as suggested on another post..

      Then we've the wrong owners..

      As it seems they're not gonna spend big in order to do whats necessary..

      Also was suggested FSG didn't want Kenny. So who were they wanting instead?

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      • Armchair, I think that sometimes, you believe what people on here tell you because it fits with your negative point of view.

        Someone suggested on another post that the owners don't want to win the title? My @rse! When they bought the Red Sox, they invested heavily to lead them to the World Series title for the first time in nearly 80 years.

        Then you enjoyed the little 'rumour' that FSG didn't want Kenny. Do you really believe hard nosed experienced business men like these two would pay £24 million in salary (Kenny's wages over 3 years) for someone they don't want? Come off it! When they came they said that one of their strengths is listening to what the fans want, and they listened, because the clamour for Kenny was deafening! Also, they didn't know so much about football at the time so were happy to go with Kenny. They also didn't want him so much that they sanctioned over 100 million in spending.

        You really need to read between the lines, and put your personal feelings to one side when looking at what people say, because when it comes to rumours, most of the time its b0llocks!

    • See we are bloody useless
      IS THIS ENOUGH!!!!! I think not.
      you cant blame Kenny its the talentless crap that are on the pitch.
      I`m well peed off i don`t know about you lot.

    • Yeah Loki I do see your angles and I have a few little worries about the summer spend that`s required to get another striker.
      I`m not sure how much we will be allowed to spend and at the present league position what sort of player are we able to attract?
      And that is what fuels my fire at the moment.
      If we keep slipping down the league then who of any quality we see us as the place to be?
      Anyway lets hope we can stick it to Wigan today

    • Thank you Bombo, and just for the record, I like it when people disagree with me, it gives us all a chance to mass debate!

      I respect all considered opinions, but the 'I want this and I want it now' culture has infected football and quite frankly, it's just not realistic. I don't think anyone could have got rid of 18 players, brought 7 or so in, stabilised the club, reunited the fans and club, won a trophy, and given us a clear direction the way Kenny has. I've said it before, but if we don't get at least 4th next year, then Kenny needs to be replaced as his methods will not have worked in the league. I don't think this will happen. I think we'll get a top-class box player in the summer at the very least, along with a RW and DCM. Our squad will be so strong next year I am sure that results and league position will follow. I don't think we'll win the league next year either, but wouldn't it be marvellous if we did in Fergies last season! I would have a lump in me pants for a month!

      When I go nuclear on someone, and this is going to sound childish, they have started the abuse first and a reply has to be made. I never give anyone sh!t first - that's a rule. I should rise above it, but its just a bit of fun. I'm waiting for him to come back with 'Your bird's a sheep' or some other unoriginal b0llocks.

    • loki I love your sense of humour a true scouser hehe.
      I actually was deflated after Carling cup final.
      I`m deflated at the FACTS of not being able to kick the white round thing into the back of the other teams goals.
      Atoms are very powerful things old boy Einstein found that out when he split one so try to keep on topic and be less abusive towards them that don`t agree with your thoughts and how you perceive factual evidence of not being able to Score Even from the blooming penatly spot in alot of case how many have we missed this year.
      Is this good enough????
      I don`t need to ridicule people because they don`t see the truth.
      I just say it as the fact sheets print it.
      And yes your right for thinking well you can`t follow a team just because it wins every week.
      Well i would mind losing if those players came of the pitch with tears in their eyes sort of speak but their desire the way they click,isn`t working.
      I do see things being brighter in the next 12 months or so but right now FACTS state otherwise YES IT HURTS.
      Shevley is more a player than henderson at this present time.
      Or am I indeed in need a visit to spec savers.
      And god forbid if they lose to wigan tomorrow!!!!!

    • Let me see, we only won the CC because Cardiff can't take penalties and all the clubs we played their kiddies.

      Sorensen, Huth, Shawcross, Woodgate, Wilson, Delap, Whelan, Shofton, Etherington, Jones, Walters, and then coming off the bench Pennant, Crouch and Jerome features. Looks like as close to Stoke's best

      Turnbull, Bosingwa, Luiz, Alex, Bertrand, Romeu, Lampard, McEachran, Lukaku, Malouda, Torres, with Anelka, Mata, and Ramires all featuring from the bench. Ok definitly a few youngsters there but also plenty of experienced title winners as well. Besides, I assume AVB played what he thought was good enough a side to win, and if he'd paid attention to our prevous cup ties he would have had a good idea of the line up we'd play. But I suppose it can't be down to Kenny getting one over on AVB can it?

      Hart, Richards, Clichy, Savic, Lescott, Barry, de Jong, Johnson, Milner, Balotelli, Aguero, with Nasri, Kolarov and Dzeko all featuring from the bench in the first leg. Hart, Richards, Savic, Lescott, Zabaleta, de Jong, Barry, Silva, Nasri, Kolarov, Dzeko with Johnson and Auguero featuring from the bench in the second leg. Now which ones are the kiddies?

      As for being a boo boy bomber I'll let you and others be the judge. I used the term to describe the number of people who come on here to just post negative posts (boo's) and usually only after poor results. But never seem to be around when the side is doing well. Now does that describe you?

      Now, think I've addressed your post, how about having a go at mine? What is your realistic minimum criteria? Or do you just want to boo some more?

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