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  • Rustynuts Rustynuts Mar 22, 2012 19:46 Flag

    Is this enough!!!!!

    You'll get a lot of stick saying that here...
    but apart from what you say about suarez, I couldnt agree more.
    I dont care for Suarez' antics, but he is very dangerous and effective. I agree he's not a natural goalscorer but he is the best we've got and very creative.

    I can honestly say that Dalglish was one of the best players the world has seen (in his position), and certainly (to me) our best ever player.
    That doesnt qualify him to be a legendary manager. My argument is... what has he acheived in the game in the last 10 years ?
    = Nothing
    Anything before that so long ago its irrelevant.
    My views are contentious, and even seem to offend some people here...
    But they are MY views, and entitled to air them.
    It seems I'm not alone in thinking he is out of his depth.
    His sarcastic interviews are embarrasing and cringeworthy. He is definately dragging the club I love to new lows!

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    • Hey i can take stick all day long !!!!!
      I cant spell my pc skills are awful I`ll be the first to admit it.
      I`m also the first to admit that LFC the club I love is very weak on the pitch at the moment.
      Suarez yes he is tricky and causes the opposition real headaches
      But He isn`t a clinical finisher.
      Carroll Well do i have to spell it out I think not!!.
      Henderson Again lacking touch and contrlled passing that comes standard as a midfield player.
      Look at how may goals we have leaked in the last 10 mins of games for LFC it`s just not good enough.
      The thing is the truth hurts the most and thats why i am so angry.
      Gerrad would tell you the exact same off camera.
      He aint so happy either!!!

    • Again, I'll try and answer your question ...

      Go back 25 days to the last thing "he did in the game".

      I'm surprised you have forgotten.

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      • Sorry PSR, TBH i'm knackered and your point was a little lost on me...
        I know you will say we beat the mancs on the way, but they were very weak at that time. Its also a sad but true fact that the only teams we can show any passion about playing is the mancs and the bitters. Another fact is we got lucky in that final, against a championship club.
        If your satisfied with that as progress, thats up to you, but I say its not good enough and I stand by it.
        Who's right or who's wrong only time will tell, but I feel the argument lies in my favour at the mo...
        but thats the beauty of opinions!

      • just an observation, but it seems the boo boys have come out again after a poor result. They of course are welcome to their opinion, but where were they on sunnier days?

        But just a quick comparison, I'm curious as so many think its pouring after the last bad result, even if the two before it were good, what's the opinion of the boo boys on Harry Rednapp? Won a single match in his last 6 outings, and that was against Stevenage. Pegged as the best man for the England job, but has allowed a title challenge evaporate to the point a top 4 finish is not guaranteed.

        Don't give me crap of I don't care about other clubs, its a simple question to understand how people measure success vs. failure. Don’t' want to talk about Harry, then tell me what you expected from Kenny in his first full season, and explain why those expectations are realistic considering where we were last season.