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  • Paddy Paddy Mar 22, 2012 21:18 Flag

    Is this enough!!!!!

    Again, I'll try and answer your question ...

    Go back 25 days to the last thing "he did in the game".

    I'm surprised you have forgotten.

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    • Sorry PSR, TBH i'm knackered and your point was a little lost on me...
      I know you will say we beat the mancs on the way, but they were very weak at that time. Its also a sad but true fact that the only teams we can show any passion about playing is the mancs and the bitters. Another fact is we got lucky in that final, against a championship club.
      If your satisfied with that as progress, thats up to you, but I say its not good enough and I stand by it.
      Who's right or who's wrong only time will tell, but I feel the argument lies in my favour at the mo...
      but thats the beauty of opinions!

    • just an observation, but it seems the boo boys have come out again after a poor result. They of course are welcome to their opinion, but where were they on sunnier days?

      But just a quick comparison, I'm curious as so many think its pouring after the last bad result, even if the two before it were good, what's the opinion of the boo boys on Harry Rednapp? Won a single match in his last 6 outings, and that was against Stevenage. Pegged as the best man for the England job, but has allowed a title challenge evaporate to the point a top 4 finish is not guaranteed.

      Don't give me crap of I don't care about other clubs, its a simple question to understand how people measure success vs. failure. Don’t' want to talk about Harry, then tell me what you expected from Kenny in his first full season, and explain why those expectations are realistic considering where we were last season.


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      • Bunch of knobs arent they? Where do all these new I.D.s come from?! There has got to be something wrong with you to want to make up and I.D., pretend to be a fan of another club then try to stir up animosity on their boards. Its just weird, I like chatting football and a bit of banter but I just dont get it. They should definitely try beer, or having a wank or something.

        Harry is in woeful form since the England rumours started, doesnt really give the impression he is the man for the pressured situation. Everybodys media darling Harry has only won 1 cup in his time at Tottenham (or anywhere else for that matter!) and thats the same one we are so dissapointed in lifting. If a side with Spurs' attacking impetus who are deep into their rebuilding process can only manage that then why is he so revered?

        I dont want to get involved in attacking other managers, its like a deflective defence but AVB got sacked by Chelsea because they had been at least title contenders for the last 7 years whereas we simply havent. We had one good tilt at it with Rafa in charge then its been steady decline, other then that we have been a 'big game' raiser and a strong cup side, which is where we have got back to again now having being getting acclimatised to 1st and 2nd round cup exits to just about anybody. We have lost only twice at home in all competitions since Kenny took over, last year Blackpools and Northamptons were coming and dicking us!

        It really is a joke that anyone with any understanding of football is calling for him to go, pathetic in fact.

      • dsteer...Dave another good post mate...I have to say again I think KK invested too much of his trust in players who have done nothing to repay that trust its for me nothing to do with the amount invested in those players ie the transfer fee.
        Spurs have a current league record akin to our own poor record is it down to Harry did he take his eye off the ball dont know but u raise an interesting question....
        The performance v Wigan isnt good enough and I want to see what KKs reaction to it will be but calling for his head ?
        jUST BOO BOYS and like u say where are they on the sunny days beating Uniturd in FA CUP putting City out of Carling Cup
        ...no patience getting out of their prams after a bad sequence of results...IF we win the FA CUP two cups in his first full season seems like progress to me I no longer care about our finishing position in the League if its out of our own hansds to finish in top 4 now if we finish 12th could care less 12th or 5th its all the same to me...I think we should use our kids in quantity in every game from now till end of season and just see if we cant unearth the nucleus from within the youth of a squad of .....WINNERS...LADS WHO WANT TO PLAY FOR GTHE SHIRT instead of salarymercenaries some of which we still have in our official squad...they know who they are.