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  • Bombardier smitherz Bombardier smitherz Mar 23, 2012 19:32 Flag

    Is this enough!!!!!

    What is all this talk of a tin pot yoghurt trophy that we luckily plucked from Cardiffs hands on the stroke of all round bad penalty taking.....Your right cardiff aint no Milan!!!!!!
    And how many premier teams sent out the kids in those carling cup games.
    Now let just mention the FA cup Yes we have got to wembley again and that nice.
    But I want consistency week in week out.Have you seen how many goals we have scored so far.hehe take the blinkers off.
    I`m not a boo boy as you like to put it
    I just want what we are worth!!!
    Lucas has been a very bad loss and things went down since his injury.
    Now lets look back over a few years.
    We have had several strikers who have been great at their club but could not get it right here at LFC.
    Robbie keane was banging them in for spurs but did jack for us.
    I`m not going to go on and name players as the glee boys will step in and make there excuses.
    Alonso eh what a player and we have had nothing like him since.
    I can see the future may be brighter but right now what we have just isn`t enough.
    I`ts not a case of being a BOO boy it`s a case of being honest about whats actually happening on the pitch.