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  • Miguel Miguel Mar 25, 2012 16:38 Flag

    Is this enough!!!!!

    Hi Loki, good post but there are some issues which worry me in the media.
    Commolli is on recent record as is KK saying that we will not be buying key players in the summer as the squad is virtually complete. This is followed by Kenny saying that the team is tired and we don´t have sufficient depth to rest key individuals. He prefaced that by saying recently that we have one of the fittest squads in the league then contradicted it with the "tired" remark. He also has said that performances are more important than points and that we should be judged on the former. This doesn´t make sense to me.

    The upshot is that many supporters are becoming disenchanted with the way things are - not - going at the moment and, unless messrs Henry & Co spend big and the managemenmt buy better in the summer than they did last year, I fail to share your optimism which appears to me - and forgive me if I misunderstand your post - to be based on what you´d like to see happen as opposed to what is coming out of Anfield at the moment?