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  • Bombardier smitherz Bombardier smitherz Mar 22, 2012 19:18 Flag

    Is this enough!!!!!

    At first appointment of king kenny all was said was their is a buzz about the place in the interviews etc.
    But lets face it it didn`t last long like any buzz.
    Money spent has been terrible buys.
    Hederson carroll....I mean come on!!!
    Shevley is better than henderson face it kenny!!
    Even suarez is not a clinical finisher!!
    lets face facts we cannot get the ball in the back of the net!!!.
    I`ve supported llfc since 1976 and I`m very angry.very angry with the way things are going.
    Carling cup WOW
    I would sooner have consistency in the way we play.
    we really on the opposition conceding own goals for gods sake.
    I don`t care for how much possesion we have or how many times we have hit the woodwork.
    FACT is we cannot score.
    Now who else is sick to the back teeth of all this shyte we have to watch each week.
    we couldnt even beat cardiff out right!!!
    Its not enough things need to be done now its getting worse week by week

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    • You'll get a lot of stick saying that here...
      but apart from what you say about suarez, I couldnt agree more.
      I dont care for Suarez' antics, but he is very dangerous and effective. I agree he's not a natural goalscorer but he is the best we've got and very creative.

      I can honestly say that Dalglish was one of the best players the world has seen (in his position), and certainly (to me) our best ever player.
      That doesnt qualify him to be a legendary manager. My argument is... what has he acheived in the game in the last 10 years ?
      = Nothing
      Anything before that so long ago its irrelevant.
      My views are contentious, and even seem to offend some people here...
      But they are MY views, and entitled to air them.
      It seems I'm not alone in thinking he is out of his depth.
      His sarcastic interviews are embarrasing and cringeworthy. He is definately dragging the club I love to new lows!

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      • Again, I'll try and answer your question ...

        Go back 25 days to the last thing "he did in the game".

        I'm surprised you have forgotten.

      • Hey i can take stick all day long !!!!!
        I cant spell my pc skills are awful I`ll be the first to admit it.
        I`m also the first to admit that LFC the club I love is very weak on the pitch at the moment.
        Suarez yes he is tricky and causes the opposition real headaches
        But He isn`t a clinical finisher.
        Carroll Well do i have to spell it out I think not!!.
        Henderson Again lacking touch and contrlled passing that comes standard as a midfield player.
        Look at how may goals we have leaked in the last 10 mins of games for LFC it`s just not good enough.
        The thing is the truth hurts the most and thats why i am so angry.
        Gerrad would tell you the exact same off camera.
        He aint so happy either!!!

    • If our owners aren't that bothered about winning the title, as suggested on another post..

      Then we've the wrong owners..

      As it seems they're not gonna spend big in order to do whats necessary..

      Also was suggested FSG didn't want Kenny. So who were they wanting instead?

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      • Armchair, I think that sometimes, you believe what people on here tell you because it fits with your negative point of view.

        Someone suggested on another post that the owners don't want to win the title? My @rse! When they bought the Red Sox, they invested heavily to lead them to the World Series title for the first time in nearly 80 years.

        Then you enjoyed the little 'rumour' that FSG didn't want Kenny. Do you really believe hard nosed experienced business men like these two would pay £24 million in salary (Kenny's wages over 3 years) for someone they don't want? Come off it! When they came they said that one of their strengths is listening to what the fans want, and they listened, because the clamour for Kenny was deafening! Also, they didn't know so much about football at the time so were happy to go with Kenny. They also didn't want him so much that they sanctioned over 100 million in spending.

        You really need to read between the lines, and put your personal feelings to one side when looking at what people say, because when it comes to rumours, most of the time its b0llocks!

    • It's a fair point Stashy but don't crow too soon ... we might yet end up with silverware than your beloved Utd :-)

    • Spittle, I'm not calling you a manc or anything else. I don't know who you are so got to take you at your word if you say you’re a red. Some I see a distinctive pattern to postings over time which I do question why they only post after losses but never after wins, you however have not been on here in quite a while.

      But I do have to say your measure of success is rather subjective. "Passion, spirit, pride, and fight". Are you saying you've not seen any of this under Kenny's most recent watch? I can understand someone pointing to results and not being happy, but are you telling me we have less of those attributes than we did under Roy or Rafa? You're talking to someone who supported Rafa till the end as I thought he was taking us forward until his last season, and even that I put down to more the owners lack of investment rather than Rafa's lack of ability. But even I think there is more pride on the pitch than I've seen in years.

      But unfortunately pride and passion alone does not guarantee results. Consistent quality is also needed, and imo that is what we're missing. The question is, is that down to the manager, is it down to the players, or is it something under the current manager can be improved?

      You’re welcome to your opinion that Dalglish is not the man to take us forward, but I have to disagree with you on the logic of your argument. But if that's your opinion I have to assume it would be hard to change your mind, and in fact if the measurement is passion, spirit, pride and fight, where we are in the league, whether we pick up silverware or not would make no difference. Plenty of relegation fighters exhibit all those attributes so I'd assume you'd be happy if we performed at that level so long as we displayed the right attributes, but we could be challenging for the title like robots, and I'd assume you'd be unhappy.

    • Very good points about Lucas and the stick he got whilst developing. He has been sadly missed this season!!!
      Hopefully hendo will pull through to be of the same quality.
      But at the moment the way the results have been this year it`s hard to stomach.
      I totally agree that the carrol does`nt suit our system and when we do get out wide to cross the ball Downing`s supply has been poor so far.
      Again I do believe these things will change and things will click it`s a matter of time.
      Yet time is running out as we are slipping further down the freaking table.

    • You said it yourself Bombo, things started going down the sh*tter when Lucas got injured, and we couldn't replace him at the time, and quite frankly, January is generally a rubbish time to buy players. I think we would have been well better off in the league (ultimately unproveable but I think its true!). Provided it has knackered his career like some injuries do, I really believe that the team will click properly next season......you need to have that patience too!

    • Dave, as I have previously stated, the minimum I would expect from this current team and management is...
      to play with passion, spirit, pride and fight.
      I dont need to be placated with the token of the CC, if there was a real passion that was visible, we would be far better placed than we currently are.
      Its not enough to keep saying, "we played well, but didnt get the luck"
      Its ok to say "we've hit the woodwork more than anyone else this season"... what about hitting the back of the net?
      I dont rate his signings, yes its early but I think there has been enough time to show something. The carroll situation is mind boggling!!!

      Anyway, Ive also previously said that I would love to see Dalglish get us back where we belong, but for me, we are slipping backwards. I am thinking with my head and not my heart!!!

      If I am wrong, I will own up, but so far we are underachieving at present therefore I am right.
      If time shows me to be right, there are a fair few people who should own up to the fact they were wrong.

      I dont need to be proven right, because if I am honest, I hope I am wrong, and that glory is around the corner... but based on what I see now, I doubt it!!!

      And Hobs, just to put you right...
      I'm not a troll from another club. I have in fact been around here for as long as most people. When it started getting ultra silly (when that cock paisley&shankley) was spewing his shyte on here, I decided to not bother until now. Ive not changed my username, so someone may remember me.

      Get off your high horse and accept that people are allowed to have opinions that are different from your own!

    • Yeah Loki I do see your angles and I have a few little worries about the summer spend that`s required to get another striker.
      I`m not sure how much we will be allowed to spend and at the present league position what sort of player are we able to attract?
      And that is what fuels my fire at the moment.
      If we keep slipping down the league then who of any quality we see us as the place to be?
      Anyway lets hope we can stick it to Wigan today

    • Gobby, you were born an @sshole that just grew bigger. Was your dad jerking off and your ma sat on it at the last moment when you were conceived, because you ain't normal boy? I bet the sound of banjo coming from your Scotty Road hovel used to drive your trailer park neighbours mental!

      I'll explain in simple Primary School English so that atom sized brain can understand: (Huge sigh)

      My point was, victory is victory, no matter how it is achieved or who it is against. When we won the Carling Cup, were you whingeing, and saying 'It's sh!t that we won it in that manner'? - I was made up, LFC making history (again!), enthralled at such a good game, and relieved we never f*cked it up, My glass is always half full!

    • What is all this talk of a tin pot yoghurt trophy that we luckily plucked from Cardiffs hands on the stroke of all round bad penalty taking.....Your right cardiff aint no Milan!!!!!!
      And how many premier teams sent out the kids in those carling cup games.
      Now let just mention the FA cup Yes we have got to wembley again and that nice.
      But I want consistency week in week out.Have you seen how many goals we have scored so far.hehe take the blinkers off.
      I`m not a boo boy as you like to put it
      I just want what we are worth!!!
      Lucas has been a very bad loss and things went down since his injury.
      Now lets look back over a few years.
      We have had several strikers who have been great at their club but could not get it right here at LFC.
      Robbie keane was banging them in for spurs but did jack for us.
      I`m not going to go on and name players as the glee boys will step in and make there excuses.
      Alonso eh what a player and we have had nothing like him since.
      I can see the future may be brighter but right now what we have just isn`t enough.
      I`ts not a case of being a BOO boy it`s a case of being honest about whats actually happening on the pitch.

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