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  • Hobsey Hobsey Mar 23, 2012 10:18 Flag

    Silverware vs Lge Position?

    A wise man once said "Liverpool FC exists to win trophies".

    Dont get me wrong, I want to be higher up the league and the long term goal is to end up back on top of it, its not bloody easy mind! This is a long term and progressive project. If the plan was to go all out to win the league instantly then the owners would have blown everything on established players at the peak of their careers, problem is, what do you do in 3 years time with your £150k per week 32 yr olds? IF they win it at all.

    We have gone a different way about it, somewhere in the middle of what Arsenal do and what Man City do, the big money has been spent on players who will be at their peaks in 4-5 years, not this season, sadly probably not even next. I think the general consensus of Rafas reign was 'thanks for the trophies and the memories, for re establishing us (temporarily) at the top in Europe but its time to say goodbye', and thats what happened. We hvent won a trophy for 6 years and now we have a fresh one on the shelf. If we get another this season then any fool can see its massive progress.

    Once that is done and dusted the players can go away for the summer knowing they are winners but needing to find more consistency in the league. We will drop a couple and pick a couple up and go again next year and I would comfortably bet anybody that we finish with more points next season, even if we signed nobody!

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