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    Silverware vs Lge Position?

    Read an interesting tweet yesterday from Paul Mcgrattan, who some may recognise as Stevie G's big mate. Who said that football is all about winning things, and fans should get real. That a Carling Cup, and a potential FA Cup are enough to compensate for a poor league position, and that both cup runs are indicitive of the teams progress, never mind what the problems seem to be in league fixtures, next year will come right.

    Do fans agree?

    The counter argument immediately jumped on by some fellow tweeters, is obviously, without CL football, the best european players will go elsewhere, enabling the top 4 to compete more effectively in the cups in the future if they so wish. So the cups this season, and being happy with these, may be a case of feasting today, but fasting tomorrow, because our league postion is who we really are. 'the lge doesn't lie' does it?

    I see Paul Mcgrattan's argument. I felt a bit petty really for my recent criticism of Kenny. BUT then he has done polenty to criticise hasn't he. Some really obvious mistakes, leading to poor performances in the lge.

    If we win the FA Cup is that enough? We should shut up, get behind the manager (I am always behind the team on the pitch) and not grumble!

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    • "If we win the FA Cup is that enough? "

      I think you would find the straight answer to the above question in the interview Craig Bellamy gave before your Carling Cup final.

      Here below is an extract from that interview:

      "Would we choose Champions League over Carling Cup? I think we would. Would Cardiff choose entering the Premier League over the Carling Cup? I think they would as well,” Bellamy told reporters.

    • A wise man once said "Liverpool FC exists to win trophies".

      Dont get me wrong, I want to be higher up the league and the long term goal is to end up back on top of it, its not bloody easy mind! This is a long term and progressive project. If the plan was to go all out to win the league instantly then the owners would have blown everything on established players at the peak of their careers, problem is, what do you do in 3 years time with your £150k per week 32 yr olds? IF they win it at all.

      We have gone a different way about it, somewhere in the middle of what Arsenal do and what Man City do, the big money has been spent on players who will be at their peaks in 4-5 years, not this season, sadly probably not even next. I think the general consensus of Rafas reign was 'thanks for the trophies and the memories, for re establishing us (temporarily) at the top in Europe but its time to say goodbye', and thats what happened. We hvent won a trophy for 6 years and now we have a fresh one on the shelf. If we get another this season then any fool can see its massive progress.

      Once that is done and dusted the players can go away for the summer knowing they are winners but needing to find more consistency in the league. We will drop a couple and pick a couple up and go again next year and I would comfortably bet anybody that we finish with more points next season, even if we signed nobody!

    • I think that, at this stage, silverware is more important. Most of us knew we were not going to compete for the league for a couple of years at least, so trophies in the bag and all that.

      The thing is, if we don't start to compete for at least a top 4 place next year then I think then that becomes more important.

    • From a fans perspective, if you give me 4th every year or winning a trophy every year - it's the trophy every time.

      4th only means something as a stepping stone onto more success - i.e. better players, more cash available.

    • If we win the FA cup, yes its enough. In fact I think winning the Carling Cup is enough at this stage. Its not the destination we want, but its a sign imo of progress.

      I get what you mean about feast now but fasting later, but I'm not sure it applies. In some ways I think that would have applied if we'd gone out and spend 100M on proven players rather than on younger players who are likely going to be better in 3 years than they are now. The first path may have helped us get into the top 4, but unless we kept spending like that every year, (like City) I doubt it would have resulted in a title run.

      But our route I think or hope will have wet the appetite. Taught younger players what winning is about, and get them hungry for more success. Our problem this term imo is not that we have a bad set of players, but an inconsistent set of players. Bad players are consistently bad. We've already proven our quality already with a tough cup run, and may prove it further if the FA cup continues. The trick now is to take players with quality, add to them, and with experience make them more consistent.

      Besides, to take your analogy one step further we could take a look at Arsenal who've maintained, and look to again maintain a top 4 finish. They've not had a feast for a while, and are starving in the process. If we consider the CC as nice snack, the FA cup as a nice starter, it may take awhile, but I'm sure the lads will be looking for the main course soon.