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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Mar 23, 2012 17:39 Flag

    The owners' thoughts....

    I doubt we'll spend as we did last year, but either way it would be insane for Werner or anyone else to show his hand at this point. If he told the press we expect to invest at the same level as last summer, the agent of the first player we start sniffing will being salivating, not to mention the hard ball attitude the selling club will be able to take knowing we've got money in the kitty.

    But I think there are other things harder to see we have to consider. We and the press always focus on the transfer fee's club are paying, while I don't think the club is so worried about them. What they are looking for is quality but also value over time. Carroll may have cost a lot in transfer fee, but he's not on 100K a week.

    So I think Sideshow is right we're not going to see marquee names come in who will demand big pay packets. That is the realm of City and Chelsea. Maybe a Cavani or Hazzard, but it all comes down to how much money they want a week not how much they cost to buy.

    Personally I think we'll be in the market for a striker, a winger and maybe a DM depending on the prognosis on Lucas. But also have to consider who might go the other way and how much they add to the kitty. I expect deals will be done on Cole and Aqua, but maybe also Kuyt (should not be sentimental but I hope not) and maybe Jay, who I think we have to decide on if he's good enough or not.

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    • Sentiment???

      I know I am like a dog with a bone, but I feel like Ive made my point.

      Subject over for me!

    • Dave, I'm not singling you out or meaning to be inflammatory...
      but in your last post you said about Kuyt "should not be sentimental".
      What was the reason we all (me included) clammoured for dalglish's return to management with us... admit it, it was sentiment! It certainly was on my part.

      Ive been like a dog with a bone on this, I'm going to try to step away from it now.
      NOT EASY!!!

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      • Actually Spittle, I was not one who was overly vocal to have Dalglish return. Kenny is a personal hero to me, as his first arrival at the club as a player was only a year or so after as a kid I started really taking an interest in football and because my best mate was a Scouser becoming a fan of LFC.

        I really did worry, even as a grown man, that my childhood hero would in some how be tarnished if he took on the job which was always going to be hard.

        But once he took the job, he had my full support, not out of sentiment but for two simple reasons. First any manager is going to get a good helping of honeymoon time from me (I tried to support Roy longer than most on here) as I believe in loyalty. But second, I do honestly think he's moved us forward on multiple fronts. It maybe hard to be as critical because of sentiment, but the improvements made I think are concrete.