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  • Jason Jason Mar 23, 2012 20:03 Flag

    The owners' thoughts....

    Couple of things here I agree and disagree with, as well as another few thoughts..

    I don't pretend to be their best friends or know them, but the notion that Henry and FSG are not interested in winning the league is absolutely absurd. That alone is a massive boost of cash, marketability, domestic/European/World Wide recognition, and the SINGLE most important goal this club is chasing. We are distant light years away from talking about winning the Champions League let alone getting to that point. Without the occurence of something ungodly, they've failed to achieve the minimum requirement to even attempt that one..

    Though I despise it and it drives me absolutely nuts, I do agree that there's not much of a point in saying they're going to go wild spending and adding.

    It's very possible to be quite honest, like some of us, they are disappointed with the performance of some of the new players brought in, and perhaps are showing patience (god bless their hearts) and confidence that they'll do what they thought and expected them to in a 2nd full season..

    Perhaps they don't want to say anything about big spending / big adding to creat any unrest amongst the current squad. It's fair to say they aready show signs of panic in poorly timed/taken shots & passes.. No sense rocking the boat

    And, perhaps in addition to what I read Kenny say about the youth players, they know something we don't, and 2-3 of them are going to come right up and really make a mark. I mean aside from Kelly, who's yet to even fully cap his potential, who is the last player at this club who just came up and burst onto the scene? I literally think most other top clubs have 1-2 good examples, and it's really about our time, whether it be Sterling, Silva, Morgan etc etc..

    And, I personally believe it's obvious that players are going to go, so naturally they can't all be replace by reserves.. General concensus would suggest: Aurelio, Maxi, Shelvey (Loan), Kuyt, and perhaps Spearing.. fingers crossed Lucas is ok too!