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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Mar 23, 2012 20:26 Flag

    The owners' thoughts....

    Jason, just one comment or reaction to something you said "(bless their hearts)" in reaction to being patient. Maybe you weren't trying to be negative but just a thought, and excuse me if I get my terms mixed up, I'm only a casual observer of American sports.

    But, if FSG saw a young prospect in College or the minors, with a real strong arm, good curve ball, but a lack of control or consistency with his pitching, but all their scouts said give him time he'll learn control, do you think they'd try and sign him? If there was competition from another big club would they raise the stakes by offering a better contract (don’t think you have transfer fee’s) to keep the Yankee’s or someone else away?

    Second, now they've got this young kid with the super arm but questionable control (I'm thinking of that movie with Susan Sarandon!) how long do they give him? A year or two in the minors? What happens when he comes up to the big leagues and he does not look that great, but the scouts and coaches (Comolli, Kenny) keep saying give him time. How long do they give him?

    Point is, we've got a number of very young players, many of whom are new to the club. If Damion or Kenny told the owners buy them they will make us better right now, then I can understand a little impatience, but if they said from the off, the lad is only 21, or 22 and prime is not until a player is 25, or 26, then think its the least they (and us) can do by being patient.