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  • Jason Jason Mar 23, 2012 21:28 Flag

    The owners' thoughts....

    Hey Dave,

    I completely get and appreciate the point your making, obviously from me it is a bit tongue in cheek sarcasm, as I've said many times I'm not blessed with patience, though I'm not always screaming abandon ship like others here..

    So, in that point I agree with what you're saying, but also keep in mind since I'm American and our sports dynamics are a little different, that may factor into the points I sometimes make, and again not knowing them personally it may be fair to at least consider they might. In 1 year, I highly doubt it though, especially because there is a strong foundation and 3-4 players have been excellent, immediate return buys - Suarez, Enrique, Bellamy, even now Coates..

    I think the one thing, and I'm not trying to dissect your example because it's good, is that Red Sox or Yankees, whoever in that situation scouting a young prospect have all the time in the world because of strong teams already, thats the case for most teams aside from the truly terrible ones. And, while anyone can be a bust, a heavy percentage of the time when someone is that sought after and chosen #1 or #2 groomed properly or even thrown right up, they do well. Also, baseball teams really need to depend on literally every man on the roster for something. A soccer team does as well, but when you see what Gerrard did, or what Messi, Cavani and Ronaldo are doing you can ride good form..

    Also, for me and again please don't fault me for this, but in watching as much as I do, I see SO many examples of players I love or have loved and would have wanted, who were higher profile, young some younger, and vastly superior. Whether they would have come or not, we don't know, and I accept that, but it'd be nice to know "hey we lost out on Mesut Ozil to Madrid", afterall he said he wouldn't leave Germany for Man United, then went to Fail Madrid for 13M..

    I'm supporting the team and the club no matter what, and yes there players I don't fancy obviously, but I'm sure you can appreciate how much I love the game and want the very best for all of us... if we can't have them or haven't gone after them yet, at least I feel I can give some insight or start a decent conversation right?

    BTW, I'm going gambling at the casino tomorrow with my friends, and promise everyone, if I win some insane amount of money, I will offer some of it to help buy Cavani. I promise my life on that!!!! Cheers!