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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Mar 23, 2012 22:03 Flag

    The owners' thoughts....

    Atlantic City or One of the Indian reservations? Good luck, but I think you already know the house always wins!

    I think when we look at some of the players coming in, we have to try and look at them in context, and not just set expectations based on the money we spent.

    On that front I agree Suarez, Enrique and Bellamy have all proven good buys. But then again for Suarez and Bellamy they are established players. Both played for their country, and both played in big pressure games. Suarez may have come from a lesser league, but was a known top player. Enrique I'd say while established at Newcastle is the real buy so far, and exceeded expectations. For Coates, I'm going to reserve judgment because I just don’t' think we've seen enough of him to judge either way. Just as I don't think its fair to write off a player after a short period, you can't say someone is the real thing until we see them do it again and again.

    Henderson and Carroll I really do think we have to ignore the price tags and put it into context. We bought both for the future so harsh to judge in the present. Also neither has really proven themselves, so why did we think they would immediately when they came to us. Both have shown promise, and think they still do, so that is the context I think its fair to judge them within.

    Downing and Adam however are in between. Downing is not a regular in the England squad, but he's an established player well into his prime. I'm not willing to write him off as a flop as I'd like to see what he can do in a second season, but no two ways about it he has not been what I'd hoped for. On Adam I'm sure we'll disagree (you've been pretty vocal on this Scot), but I do think the context is we got what we paid for. He's not lived up to the hype he had from last season, but that is what it was hype. He was a good player in a poor team at Blackpool, now he's a squad player in a much better team and it shows. At times I think he's done well, but others he's looked wanting, and that was made more visible imo when we lost Lucas to injury.

    I know your not one to run the team down for the sake of it. But I am well aware of the American desire to deliver yesterday, so I take that in mind. So my main point is I think when we look at this season, whether it be Dalglish, or players we understand the context by understanding realistic expectations. We got to keep dreaming, and I think we'll get there, but its not going to happen overnight.