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    The owners' thoughts....

    There's a pretty decent article in the Telegraph today about the owners attitude to spending in the summer. They conclude that they will not be spending so much coz of the lack of CL next season.

    However, I disagree with this - I could be proved wrong!

    These are the guys who allowed Kenny to spend before they shifted all the cr@p out of the club, which was a serious gamble by them I think. Also, looking at the funds they commit to their other sports in the US, I think they will realise they need to release the purse strings again, along with Tom Werner's comments after the CC Final, 'This is just the start' he said. We're also probably gonna recoup 10-15 mil in Getting rid of Aquilani, Cole et al which will probably go straight into the kitty. We might not be able to spend as much as City, but who can?

    There are players out there in the 20 mil or less bracket, such as Huntelaar, who would add class to the team.

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    • If FSG do decide to sell up ina couple of yrs.. Lets hope they sell to some rich arabs..

      Then we'll be able to buy who we want like Man City can..

      I know many LFC fans don't agree with that.. I just think why don't we for once be under really rich owners..

      We once were gonna be bought by DIC then when the Shiek left DIC their was speculation that he, himself would buy LFC..

      I hope thats a possible option when FSG sell up..

      Imagine having someone like Messi and other top players playing in the red of LFC.. It could well happen if arabs do buy LFC in the future..

    • I'm going to Atlantic City, I mostly gamble for fun and stop when I've hit my limit, unlike some degenerates I know. My poison is blackjack and last time down I won a whopping $500.. Whatever it's worth, I'll offer it to Henry and FSG on acrossthemersey.com, we've already tweeted that for some fun..

      I've actually liked Henderson for the most part and think he's been severely mis used and under used. Last match, if in a 4-3-3 I thought he'd had done fine with Stevie and Jay, and yes we both know I can't stand Adam so that factors in there, but nnonetheless, think he's far more talented and should be favored because of that despite of age, which speaks to your point of money, or forgetting the price..

      Speaking of Adam, I've just heard word he's done for the season due to the knee injury he picked up in that debacle at Loftus Road... Now, I know what you're thinking, and expecting me to say, and here in America we do say things like that including our own players/teams, I say w/ the Yankees all the time, but I won't. However, I will say that it means that Jordan will get more time where he belongs centrally, and maybe we'll see more of Maxi / Downing as the closest pairing of wingers we really have, and that will allow Dirk to play more up front... So unfortunately (I mean well) I'm viewing it as positive..

      Maybe Jonjo will get some minutes to see what he's got, if anythin..

      Far as Downing and his form. I think we both never really wanted him, though lately he seemed to really be finding form and then that formation and the whole QPR match had him look lost. I think he should stay on the right where he's done well and did for Villa.

      Carroll, I've said I always thought he was talented 2-3 years ago w Newcastle when he went down, he was a load for them, but I never wanted him, so I'm consistent to this day. I loved Torres, Iove Cavani, I like Higuain, Pato, Remy etc etc, so he simply doesn't and may never do it for me, especially if we can and do play the nice passing from this week's match, but add some goals..

    • Atlantic City or One of the Indian reservations? Good luck, but I think you already know the house always wins!

      I think when we look at some of the players coming in, we have to try and look at them in context, and not just set expectations based on the money we spent.

      On that front I agree Suarez, Enrique and Bellamy have all proven good buys. But then again for Suarez and Bellamy they are established players. Both played for their country, and both played in big pressure games. Suarez may have come from a lesser league, but was a known top player. Enrique I'd say while established at Newcastle is the real buy so far, and exceeded expectations. For Coates, I'm going to reserve judgment because I just don’t' think we've seen enough of him to judge either way. Just as I don't think its fair to write off a player after a short period, you can't say someone is the real thing until we see them do it again and again.

      Henderson and Carroll I really do think we have to ignore the price tags and put it into context. We bought both for the future so harsh to judge in the present. Also neither has really proven themselves, so why did we think they would immediately when they came to us. Both have shown promise, and think they still do, so that is the context I think its fair to judge them within.

      Downing and Adam however are in between. Downing is not a regular in the England squad, but he's an established player well into his prime. I'm not willing to write him off as a flop as I'd like to see what he can do in a second season, but no two ways about it he has not been what I'd hoped for. On Adam I'm sure we'll disagree (you've been pretty vocal on this Scot), but I do think the context is we got what we paid for. He's not lived up to the hype he had from last season, but that is what it was hype. He was a good player in a poor team at Blackpool, now he's a squad player in a much better team and it shows. At times I think he's done well, but others he's looked wanting, and that was made more visible imo when we lost Lucas to injury.

      I know your not one to run the team down for the sake of it. But I am well aware of the American desire to deliver yesterday, so I take that in mind. So my main point is I think when we look at this season, whether it be Dalglish, or players we understand the context by understanding realistic expectations. We got to keep dreaming, and I think we'll get there, but its not going to happen overnight.

    • Hey Dave,

      I completely get and appreciate the point your making, obviously from me it is a bit tongue in cheek sarcasm, as I've said many times I'm not blessed with patience, though I'm not always screaming abandon ship like others here..

      So, in that point I agree with what you're saying, but also keep in mind since I'm American and our sports dynamics are a little different, that may factor into the points I sometimes make, and again not knowing them personally it may be fair to at least consider they might. In 1 year, I highly doubt it though, especially because there is a strong foundation and 3-4 players have been excellent, immediate return buys - Suarez, Enrique, Bellamy, even now Coates..

      I think the one thing, and I'm not trying to dissect your example because it's good, is that Red Sox or Yankees, whoever in that situation scouting a young prospect have all the time in the world because of strong teams already, thats the case for most teams aside from the truly terrible ones. And, while anyone can be a bust, a heavy percentage of the time when someone is that sought after and chosen #1 or #2 groomed properly or even thrown right up, they do well. Also, baseball teams really need to depend on literally every man on the roster for something. A soccer team does as well, but when you see what Gerrard did, or what Messi, Cavani and Ronaldo are doing you can ride good form..

      Also, for me and again please don't fault me for this, but in watching as much as I do, I see SO many examples of players I love or have loved and would have wanted, who were higher profile, young some younger, and vastly superior. Whether they would have come or not, we don't know, and I accept that, but it'd be nice to know "hey we lost out on Mesut Ozil to Madrid", afterall he said he wouldn't leave Germany for Man United, then went to Fail Madrid for 13M..

      I'm supporting the team and the club no matter what, and yes there players I don't fancy obviously, but I'm sure you can appreciate how much I love the game and want the very best for all of us... if we can't have them or haven't gone after them yet, at least I feel I can give some insight or start a decent conversation right?

      BTW, I'm going gambling at the casino tomorrow with my friends, and promise everyone, if I win some insane amount of money, I will offer some of it to help buy Cavani. I promise my life on that!!!! Cheers!

    • Jason, just one comment or reaction to something you said "(bless their hearts)" in reaction to being patient. Maybe you weren't trying to be negative but just a thought, and excuse me if I get my terms mixed up, I'm only a casual observer of American sports.

      But, if FSG saw a young prospect in College or the minors, with a real strong arm, good curve ball, but a lack of control or consistency with his pitching, but all their scouts said give him time he'll learn control, do you think they'd try and sign him? If there was competition from another big club would they raise the stakes by offering a better contract (don’t think you have transfer fee’s) to keep the Yankee’s or someone else away?

      Second, now they've got this young kid with the super arm but questionable control (I'm thinking of that movie with Susan Sarandon!) how long do they give him? A year or two in the minors? What happens when he comes up to the big leagues and he does not look that great, but the scouts and coaches (Comolli, Kenny) keep saying give him time. How long do they give him?

      Point is, we've got a number of very young players, many of whom are new to the club. If Damion or Kenny told the owners buy them they will make us better right now, then I can understand a little impatience, but if they said from the off, the lad is only 21, or 22 and prime is not until a player is 25, or 26, then think its the least they (and us) can do by being patient.

    • I doubt we'll spend as we did last year, but either way it would be insane for Werner or anyone else to show his hand at this point. If he told the press we expect to invest at the same level as last summer, the agent of the first player we start sniffing will being salivating, not to mention the hard ball attitude the selling club will be able to take knowing we've got money in the kitty.

      But I think there are other things harder to see we have to consider. We and the press always focus on the transfer fee's club are paying, while I don't think the club is so worried about them. What they are looking for is quality but also value over time. Carroll may have cost a lot in transfer fee, but he's not on 100K a week.

      So I think Sideshow is right we're not going to see marquee names come in who will demand big pay packets. That is the realm of City and Chelsea. Maybe a Cavani or Hazzard, but it all comes down to how much money they want a week not how much they cost to buy.

      Personally I think we'll be in the market for a striker, a winger and maybe a DM depending on the prognosis on Lucas. But also have to consider who might go the other way and how much they add to the kitty. I expect deals will be done on Cole and Aqua, but maybe also Kuyt (should not be sentimental but I hope not) and maybe Jay, who I think we have to decide on if he's good enough or not.

    • I believe that being American and supporters of the moneyball theory they will, without doubt review everything and everyone and look at what where we are, where they wanted to be and what needs to be done.

      I've no doubt there will be changes which will include strengthening the squad. They will know that you cannot stand still. The dilema will be attracting value from the market without disrupting the business model / finances of the club (like City have)

      Tough job

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      • Fenway are a private equity group specialising in sporting markets. They are not interested in dividends in this case. What they are interested in is increasing the sell on value of LFC for a sale 5-10 years down the road.

        That sell on value will only be increased by (a) a new stadium or increased gate at the existing one, and (b) continued competitiveness in the CL.

        So they will want to maintain a strong enough team to push for CL qualification. So they will need to invest.

        What they won't do is sanction the purchase of players with no re-sale value. The Ribery's, Sneijders, Robben's of this world will never be signed by LFC as they would be by Spurs, United, Chelsea or City, if any of those teams thought it would mean they might push for a lge title.

        I don't think FSG are interested in the lge title. They know it won't happen and will not throw money at it. They got themselves an absolute steal when they purchased us, know our history and heritage is enough to maintain the brand as long as they can improve the squad enough to return to the CL placings.

        They are more likely to change the manager to someone who over achieves given a set budget, than sanction big spending. CL qualification will be the key for them, with the odd trophy to keep the fans sweet and the US/chinese/global supporters seeing our name in the news/on the telly.

        You will NOT see the outlay on players this summer that you saw last summer. £25m tops will be spent I'd expect, anything else funded through player sales like Kuyt/Reina potentially.

        Downing/Henderson/Carroll, all 3 will be kept, no point even speculating, as they were bought for well down the line.....not this year!