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  • duncan t duncan t Mar 24, 2012 23:12 Flag

    once a cheat . . . . . .

    still not much mention of goofy's hand ball ?

    or should I say PUNCH (left hook) of the ball into the net.

    funny king kenny didnt see it that way, indeed he does see some completely different football to the rest of the whole world who watch the same incident.

    the bloke is a cheat. call it what you want, its cheating. plain , simple cheating.

    he didnt get touched for his dive against Everton, yet the Everton player gets booked and he gets th free kick.

    great player, but also a cheat. hope you like playing like that.

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    • any one see the punch then ?

      or are we all king (puke) kenny fans and it was a legit goal ?

      own up fakers, the bloke is an out and out cheat.

    • Yet another bluenose who is more obsessed by our team than their own!

    • Bitter bitter bitter blueshyte drunken dog. Run away wee coward. Slither back in yer rathole.

      Perhaps our Reds will kick yer arse again if you clowns ( doubtfully ) manage to get by Sunderland.

      But sneaking around late ....and yapping like the fool you are.........not too classy is it..........blueshyte coward?

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      • what did I miss ?

        ah, drunk redshyte fan pretending his teams still any good. LOL

        to be honest when we played you last we didn't deserve to win. but I dont think we got our arses kicked too bad. we had some bad luck, piss poor decisions and some world class acting from suarez among other players in your team.

        by the way, when is carragher making the swap to rugby league ? he cant play football anymore ? (wouldnt get in our team)

        as for the coward remark ? one word; D I C T I O N A R Y.

        sorry, you probably dont know what it means. just like the word coward you dont seem to understand either. bet you dont know what cheat means too ? silly boy.

      • We could sneak past Sunderland I suppose, playing football (or trying).

        Or we could do what you do and send suarez on to dive us to the win ? If we ever had that much money to spend of tripe that is.

    • if he watched it with another team then it would have been handball everytime.

      you can be biased towards you team (NP) ant then you can be an absolute blind A hole.

      I think we know which one dogleash is.