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  • Colyn Colyn Mar 27, 2012 10:00 Flag

    Mon 26th - TalkSport

    I agree to a point Mel but I would say success is the key. It certainly helps especially as supporters, the media and even club owners are more demanding nowadays.

    If we take Barcelona again. They decided that they needed to build from within. Set a playing philosophy and building players with technique and style that defined them. That happened a long time before they were rewarded with their first La Liga title.

    If we look back at our history. Shanks set everything going with J Smith. They built the Boot Room. A style and philosophy that defined Liverpool Football Club. With the foundations laid Paisley and Fagan were able to carry it on. Dalglish was also able to contiue before things started to get a bit more difficult. Souness dismantled the Boot room and didn't replace it with anything (Spice boys????). After that not a single person has been able, had the backing or the will to build the club in their image.

    We are stuck with a large group of us supporters that hark back to wanting the success the Bootroom gave us. In truth we need something different but something that is still LFC