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  • You can;t build a team around Suarez, as he doesn't score enough goals. You build a team that Suarez can be an important part of, but he can't be the focal point, and he can't carry an attack.

    On the top manager front, I agree we need our own Moyes. We can't compete with City, Chelsea, Arsenal, United or even Spurs. Not on a level playing field in cash terms. We need a manager for the long term who can work smart, over achieve and identify transfer targets who cost little and develop into fine players in time.

    That man isn;t Kenny, but he will be given another season in all likelihood, so next season will be a testing one as I don't expect any major transfer backing..

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    • I agree. Suarez is and will only ever be part fo the whole thing.

      With regard to the Moyes comparison it's a fai point but we don't know hw much FSG are willing to put in or how much they have. What I will say however is that we need someone in the club that will basically grab hold of it pull it all togeher and say this is what we are doing and we are doing it this way.

      At the moment we have Kenny trying to play a particular brand of football. The Academy doing their own thing, Comolli pickig and buying players, the press office doing their own thing and FSG trying to make up their mind about a new stadium or not. When I look at it like that there's no wonder we aren't gelling!!

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      • If the owners put nothing in for next season and keep KK. I think it would almost say they don't want him long term.

        But on the other hand if they throw money at the team i think they'll stick with him.

        We need a big Sam or moyes at our club. Some one who as its been said. Can get the best out of the team and play to our strengths. Sam did it with Bolton same as Pulis does with Stoke. And i'm not saying we should play like either team. Just that if money is gonna be tight for the manager we need some one that can get us playing and beating teams.

        And at the moment that ain't KK i'm very sad to say. And even winning two cups won't cover up the cracks that are plane for all to see.