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    Mon 26th - TalkSport

    Did anyone catch the discussion last night on Talksport radio? A programme dedicated to moving Liverpool Football Club forward.

    Some of it was quite interesting with (for once) Collymore actually talking some sense. He did say that the club should go all out for a top top manager. It's not an idea I immediately agreed with but then something struck me. All successful clubs have had a figure head that has given the club direction and a philosophy. A style if you wish. That doesn't necessarily have to be the manager but it often is.
    We had Shankly. Utd have Ferguson, Arsenal have Wenger, Barcelona have Cruyff. These people have defined their respective clubs.

    Here's where it gets difficult though. We were lucky. Shankly left a legacy that Paisley, Fagan etc. were able to carry on. Cruyff, to my knowledge is still at Bareclona working in the background on the acedemy and football style that they play. We are yet to see the legacy that Ferguson or Wenger will leave. Mourinho did it a Chelsea before he was pushed and look where they are now. They have lost what he gave them and are bouncing there way through managers looking for that direction once again.

    So here's the challenge. Find another Shankly. Someone who defines the club, gives it direction and most importantly sets up and leaves a legacy to follow. I would also add that financial power plays a part in this and a new stadium is critical to this. Moyes for example is Everton but with no finances he cannot build and take the club forward. Everton to Moyes credit are treading water .


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    • Well if he goes theres nothing we can do about it. But do i want KK to go i'm torn at the moment. Results say maybe my heart says no.

      But its the man in charge that will ultimately make the decision one way or another i guess. Putting a good run together from now until the end of the season should help. Lets hope whatever way things go its in the best interested of the club and we start to challenge for the league once again.


    • Tried to have a listen but found this instead http://www.talksport.co.uk/magazine/top-ten/120326/revealed-10-reasons-why-liverpool-are-struggling-premier-league-167265?p=6

      I don't agree with all of these, for example it says that Gerrard isn't a natural CM. And that our midfield pales in comparison to the 2009 Masch-Alonso-Gerrard. that is of course true, but so does every other midfield in the league.

      It does make scene that we are not playing to Suarez's strengths. Seeing that he is our best attacking player maybe there is an argument to build around him... maybe include Maxi more.

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      • You can;t build a team around Suarez, as he doesn't score enough goals. You build a team that Suarez can be an important part of, but he can't be the focal point, and he can't carry an attack.

        On the top manager front, I agree we need our own Moyes. We can't compete with City, Chelsea, Arsenal, United or even Spurs. Not on a level playing field in cash terms. We need a manager for the long term who can work smart, over achieve and identify transfer targets who cost little and develop into fine players in time.

        That man isn;t Kenny, but he will be given another season in all likelihood, so next season will be a testing one as I don't expect any major transfer backing..

    • The only way a manager can leave a legacy is by winning titles and normally this comes with longevity as well. As you so rightly pointed out Paisley and Shanks did leave a legacy at Liverpool, so did King Kenny despite what is happening now with the dire way the team is playing. But I am sure that even if the owners do let him go, his place in Liverpool folklore is guaranteed.

      It is harder now to establish a lasting legacy what with the stupid money the likes of Man City are throwing about, with the exception of SAF fewer managers are now able to stamp their authority in the game and leave any lasting legacies as the rich teams continue to spend more and more in pursuit of success.

      Other thing is, you cant appoint someone with the knowledge that they are capable of leaving a legacy, this will only be determined by their success. The nearest we have had to a manager leaving a legacy at Liverpool in recent times is Rafa by virtue of having led us to the 2005 UCL title. Unfortunately he did not manage to win us the title which sort of brings him short.

      But I am sure that whoever manages to break our long wait for a title will instantly become a Liverpool legend and leave a lasting legacy.

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      • mel n...u seem to be suggesting that Uniturd are not one of the :rich clubs:...read your own post on this thread. They have attendances at Old Toilet of 77,000 and they are not one of the :rich clubs: r u suggesting that the owners wont make funds available to SAF tobuy come the end of the season ?
        You would have had Mr Shankly down the road within his first season and a half if your current disposition towards kenny is anything to go by...Then where would Liverpool FC have been ?
        BTW when he arrived and we were in 2nd Div I was in attendance at Anfield.

      • I agree to a point Mel but I would say success is the key. It certainly helps especially as supporters, the media and even club owners are more demanding nowadays.

        If we take Barcelona again. They decided that they needed to build from within. Set a playing philosophy and building players with technique and style that defined them. That happened a long time before they were rewarded with their first La Liga title.

        If we look back at our history. Shanks set everything going with J Smith. They built the Boot Room. A style and philosophy that defined Liverpool Football Club. With the foundations laid Paisley and Fagan were able to carry it on. Dalglish was also able to contiue before things started to get a bit more difficult. Souness dismantled the Boot room and didn't replace it with anything (Spice boys????). After that not a single person has been able, had the backing or the will to build the club in their image.

        We are stuck with a large group of us supporters that hark back to wanting the success the Bootroom gave us. In truth we need something different but something that is still LFC

    • It would also help whoever the manager is. To spend the money given on real tallent or top class players and not buys crap like Carroll.

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      • True but we need someone to get the right players in the right places and give the whole club a direction. At the moment (to me) we seem to be stuck, not going forward with any purpose or clear direction and that's transferring down.

        These are just my thoughts during along drive back to work last night and it seems to be a common factor amongst successful clubs at every level. Most often it's the manager but it doesn't have to be as Barcelona have proved. Swansea are another example. Rogers has taken on and continued the work done by others and is reaping the fruit from it.

    • It's never going happen Liverpool have had their go enjoy the dvds of the old days like you had all the money in the 70's and 80's other clubs have the money now and you can't compete so use your brains and get a reality check

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      • Firstly I would say that you haven't a clue.

        1. No one knows how much FSG are willing to put into the club.
        2. Utd had plenty of money before Ferguson and bumbled around for ages. Barcelona were the same. Chelsea are doing it now and many would also say that City are also at risk of it.

        Money plays a part but you still need that figure head to give the eclub direction. Enjoy the success at your club, it may not last