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  • Jason Jason Mar 28, 2012 15:26 Flag

    What I'd like to see next year, thoughts?

    I'd like to take the current form, despite how ugly it is, out of this discussion for the moment, and even in fact put a positive spin on it and say we turn it around and manage 5th, or just edged out for 6th. No mention of the FA Cup here..

    Going into the summer, regardless of holding the cards tight to the chest or not, unless they're blind, deaf and complete morons like your typical manc visitor here, which isn't the case, Henry, FSG and Comolli see what the flaws are and what needs to be added this summer. For me that's 4 players, realistically it could only be 2-3.

    So, having said that, I know we all have our preferences, or wants even if way ambitious including myself. But for the sake of a conversation, and some optimism with what I believe are potential realities I'm curious if / what you'd think of this.. And, obviously by now I know everyone knows my love affair with EC7 and while some others would laugh including here, I think if he is to leave as recently has been hinted, we are actually in a pole position for 3 reasons. 1 - His closest friend Suarez proclaims his love for the club and is seeking to stay longer along with Coates who seems genuinely happy and the future at CB. 2 - The money IS there (fact) and he would be without a doubt guaranteed to lead the line as the # 1 striker. If you think otherwise or Andy will be serious competition for him please don't ever talk to me again. 3 - In addition to not having to take place in a rotational merry go round like would be at City, he would literally hit the ground running and be largely the single most reason for resurrecting our scoring woes, as well as becoming an instant Kop legend.

    Now, having said that, presumably, if we did land him, I think we would definitely get 1 more fairly big player, and then another capable squad/younger talent. So before I get shot down and/or divert to other options, which I have, how would you feel about this based on that potential scenario and what we could do to maneuver..


    Doni,Hendo,Coates, Kelly, Bellamy,Andy, CDM?
    Potentially add Zaha too..

    Shelvey on loan, Sterling a regular in and out, Adam sold for a chocolate bar, Spearing loan or spot duty, and presumably Maxi, Kuyt out..

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    • Jason the bottom line is that clubs have to live according to the income they generate and not as some of the press still seem to think when it comes to city and chelsea according to their owners billions. Its not a question of how much money liverpool may have saved on wages but whether the wages they pay out is covered by the income they generate.A recent survey by a website called the financialfairplay.co.uk looked at the difference between every EPL club`s revenue and expenditure and worked out how much extra they would have to charge for every ticket sold to break even. Only 5 clubs wouldn`t need to increase their ticket prices because they were already in the black and liverpool wasn`t one of them. To break even liverpool would have to charge an extra £22 per ticket and an extra £418 for a season ticket.
      As for Liverpool`s new sponsorship deal, the total amount isn`t paid out in one lump sum but spread out over the length of the contract and according to the information I found on liverpool`s own website and wikepedia that amounts to the grand sum of £25 million per year. A nice sum to be sure but hardly a huge amount when you think how much even half decent players cost these days.

    • I wanan see a clearout of the crap at LFC too many average players, and I hope Kenny has gone by next season..

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      • There will be little transfer money. The cup runs don't generate that much and that is now lost as millions will be lost on the lower league position. Still squabbling over the stadium issue. Only real money is via CL. United chanting 20 next season as city collapse. Henry cannot dip any more into his pocket due to this fair play regulation. Even a clearout will not raise big money as our better players need to be kept. I also suspect something going wrong over Aqualani and him being given away in the end.

    • Devon the money would come from the kit deal we did with Warrior Sports (or did yoyu miss that?) . Also monies from our sponsors.. and the owners..

      We're not exactly skint..

      Besides if Man City could attract top talent despite being in the Europa I'm sure we can too..

    • I wanna see a huge change in our playing style and a load of goals scored.. No more of just smacking the goalposts, that doesn't win games..

      I also wanan see desire and hunger too in every game we play a hunger to win..

      Too often we take teams lower in the league lightly..
      This happens season after season. Time that came to an end.. We should go all out and crush them. They're lower than us in the league for a reason. Lets just hammer that point even more so by thrashing them.

      We better get in a striker whose proliffic a pair of wingers or a striker whose equally at home on the wings as he is in front of goal.

      We need a creative midfielder.. Suarez is a good creator of goals buts thats pointless if theree's no one good enough to convert them..

      We need a player like Torres.. Someone who'd finish the chances Saurez creates.

      I dunno what Kenny is smoking that makes him think "we're almost complete"? Complete what? Shit !!

      Without the types of players I mentioned we'll be a mid table team for seasons to come.

      So next season we better come out fighting and keep fighting.. and keep the ball more. We give the ball away too many times.. You can't score if you don't have the ball..

    • Face facts you'll never see your club win the league be happy with your old history get the dvds and watch the old days liverpool have had their day man utd days are coming to an end. Chelsea and man city will dominate because they have the most money so get on with supporting your team and stop moaning

    • Well wise a.ss, for 1, Napoli are not guaranteed of Champions League football next year as they're flirting with 4th/5th at the moment and only 3 Serie A clubs get CL. Additionally, I've not said he will come nor do I or anyone else have anything that supports he will come, however in addition to what I'm going to paste below from Hobs well done research, our very wealthy owners who are going to continue to invest in the playing squad/club have not spent a single penny since last summer..
      There is at the very bare minimum, 50M - 75M for them to spend, on whomever they'd like. If PSG, As Roma and Lazio can do it, I'm sure this tiny little club can.. Not sure Daniel Levy can say the same thing, can you? Good luck buying Adebayor, holding on to Modric and fending off approaches for Bale while packing that 100k seater of yours, WHL..

      Theres a lot of stories about how much we have spent but have a look at these numbers since Kenny took over:
      Players Out:
      El Zhar (£45k per week!!!!!!!)
      Torres £50m (£120k per week)
      Babel £5.8m (£70k per week)
      Charles Itandje (£10k per week)
      Kyriagkos £2m (£60k per week)
      Meireles £12m (£80k per week)
      Joe Cole (£100k per week)
      Dani Pacheco (£15k per week)
      Christian Poulsen (£60k per week)
      Paul Koncheskey £2m (£40k per week)
      Emiliano Insua (£25k per week)
      Milan Jovanovic £5m (£130k per week)
      Phillip Degen (£60k per week)
      David Ngog £4.5m (£40k per week)
      Alberto Aquilani £5m!!!!!(£80k per week) is now done as played 25 games

      Moneys in £86.3m Wages cut £935,000 per week

      Players In
      Andy Carroll £35m (£60k per week)
      Luis Suarez £22.5m (£70k per week)
      Jordan Henderson £16.5m (£40k per week)
      Charlie Adam £6.5m (£40k per week)
      Doni (£25k per week)
      Stewart Downing £18m (£70k per week)
      Jose Enrique £8m (£65k per week)
      Sebastien Coates £7m (£30k per week)
      Craig Bellamy (£60k per week)

      Outlay £114.5m Salaries spent (£460k per week)

      £28.2m spend saving £475k per week

    • and pray why would a player like Cavani chose Europa League football over Champions League? Do you seriously think that finishing 11th-13th makes Liverpool an attractive destination for a player who is likely to interest teams currently occupying the top 2 or 3 places in their respective leagues? And where is the money coming from to pay out the sort of transfer fee Cavani is likely to command. Liverpool haven`t got another Torres to flog for £50 million and the new financial fair play rules might be more leniently enforced for the first couple of seasons but as a general rule clubs must be seen to be making every effort to live within their means. For all Liverpool`s great history they simply don`t have a stadium big enough to generate the sort of income they need to keep up with the monetary elite of Europe.

    • Based on a lot of rumors and talk, some of which seems realistic/somewhat reliable as well as persistent for over a year now, how's this strike your fancy? Mind you, I think we'll need to finish at least 11th-13th in order for this to happen, but anyways..


      Doni, Jordan, Keita, Kelly, Seb, Carroll, Sterling..

      Adam promoted to U-18s, Carra player/coach

    • Id like to see Kenny take a completely ruthless view of the squad and cull anybody who in his considered opinion hasnt:pulled his weight: throughout the season. Those that havent pulled their weight are a weight on their team-mates who have and the likelyhood is they will be such next season.
      Id like to see the owners put up money for quality and I mean QUALITY WORLD CLASS PLAYERS .....Cavani ?
      Assuming Kenny decides from this point on in in what remains of this season to give the kids a chance then those that look like they have what it takes to cut it in The Prem be given the vote of confidence to at least have a place on the bench start of next season rather than buying in :medium to lower end price :squad players: to be rotated in off the bench...
      Weve suffered enough of this type of :squad dross: in recent seasons to last the average supporter a lifetime.
      Last but not least Id like to see us win The League Title, The FA CUP, The Carling Cup and The Europa Cup...at least !
      If they dont garner that lot then I will throw all my toys out of my pram and scream and shout that the manager must be sacked because my team is not meeting :MY EXPECTATIONS:

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      • Colin,

        I like your approach to this one in your comment in saying Kenny has to be ruthless in his assessment this summer, which means, ruthless in judgement of his own purchases. Unfortunately, though I think alot will agree, Adam has been nothing short of bad, but won't be moved, however I think his spot should be up for contention as much as Jay Spearing or anyone else.. The same holds true for Andy, but I think he has room to progress more, I just can't deal with uncle Charlie..

        In reference to this, and in Hobs post, I think all of the names out there are great options, but we legtimitely have to be all chips in for Edinson Cavani. Aside from my personal opinion, watching him develop and play closely the past 2 years, I genuinely consider him the best player in Europe/World not named Messi or Ronaldo. He's on something like 62 goals/84 games, and is unlike any striker I've ever seen.. He will cost more than 35M though, I think we're looking at 45-50 honestly, but unlike Torres, he will be worth every last penny in gold.. I bet my life on his success to whatever his next club is..

        Whatever money else is available, has to also be spot on, and not young British talent, we need it to be proven with "sky is the limit" potential. If we're just talking argument's sake Cavani, then although not world wide class, I'm actually very impressed w/ Hoilette, but if a Munain, Gaitan, Afellay, Mertens etc can be had please do it. And for CDM, Javi Martinez is the best there is that will be available. Not only can he destroy in the middle, but he's box to box, can score goals, pass the ball and he's 6'2 with experience playing CB. Oh, and he's 22 and Spanish Int'l..

        If we could land those 3, and introduce Sterling more, Coady more, and find 1-2 more squadies while letting Charlie mop the boot room, this will be a team contending on all fronts..

    • There will definitely be some changes, the Aquilani money will be released, Aurelio and Maxis departure should free up some £120k+ per week, I am assuming there may be a buyer for Joe cole?! Despite Carroll having his knockers I still want him to be at the club next season, I think he is going to be a slow burner. Kuyt could well go, at 31 and making lots of noises about only wanting to stay if he is starting every game, it seems that could be a logical one.

      Sterling needs to become a bit part player next season, (Carling cup, super sub etc) he really needs to be utilised. For all the good 'prospects' we have had in recent years such as Pacheco, Nemeth and Dalle Valle, this kid has really pace and strength and they always prove useful in the premier league!
      Hoillet on a free makes lots of sense although would be bad news for Sterling.

      I think we all know that up top we need a finisher, not a forward who can play wide or drop off but an out and out finisher. For me the only players who fit the mould are:

      - Cavanni (same as everyone in the world!) £35m
      - Huntelaar (41 goals this season! Wasnt previously sold but bloody hell!) has a buy out clause at £20m, offer him monster wages!
      - Higuain (Again, very highly coveted, would be tough to convince) £30m
      - Gomez - (Dont think he would want to leave Bayern right now but everything he touches finds its way into the net! - £25m

      Right now, I cant think of anyone else more reliable for putting the ball in the back of the goal then these lot. Anything else is a bigger gamble. Another central midfielder is paramount to our success as an injury to Stevie or Lucas leaves us somewhat lacking with Adam, Henderson and Shelvey all being very forward thinking players. It doesnt have to be a destructive player, just somebody who can sit in the middle of the park and be consistent.

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      • Hobbs just keying in on your last paragraph here about the central midfielders we have being too attack minded rather than a true back up for Lucas. Some criticism I've seen of late that does seem to make sense is that one reason we've not been scoring goals is that we are just not getting enough bodies into the box when we do get forward.

        Suarez likes to sit deep, and Carroll often prefers to seem to set up outside the box rather that attack the 6 yard box. How many times have we seen great approach play, but when the cross goes in there is just a single red shirt in the box surrounded by 2 or 3 defenders?

        Just a thought but while I'd still like to see a high quality finisher come to us this summer, and everyone’s favorite Cavani would surely fit the bill, is at least part of the problem that our so called attacking midfielders are just not pushing forward themselves? Maybe because they've had to take more of a hybrid role since Lucas went down, and felt the need to track back, they've not felt they can push forward without a security blanket behind them.

        Point being, we see Gerrard play so much better when he's given a free role to roam, but would we see more from the likes of Henderson, Shevely, or even Adam, if they were encouraged to push up, and had the security of Lucas and or another defensive minded midfielder behind them?

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