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    Please save the King.

    I am sure it is no secret to most of the regulars on this forum that I have been questioning King Kenny's ability to make Liverpool Football Club the powerhouse it has always been for a wee while now. In the process I have been bashed and my allegiance has been questioned and even been branded a killjoy who enjoys seeing us lose in order to come and bash the King and the lads on these message boards. Needless to say these are ridiculous assertions as I am sure there are fewer people who take a Liverpool defeat as hard as I do. Having witnessed our 6th reverse in 7, noone but a deluded optimist can really harbour any further hopes that the king is up to the task.

    The point of this post is not to attack this living legend but to express my sadness on how this whole saga is unfolding. I love Kenny and watching him standing forlonly patrolling the touchline against Newcastle whilst the team ran around the pitch with no idea how to turn our fortunes around got me thinking "surely Kenny does not deserve this". Fate seems to be conspiring against him as if in a bid to totally erase all the good work that he has done for us. There is no indication that this horrible run of form will pass any time soon and as the defeats pile up, the esteem in which Kenny is held dwindles even further. One just has to read the papers and the ridicule that he is already being subjected to in order to realise what I am talking about.

    If it was up to me the king would just own up to things not having worked out and just walk away with his dignity still intact. But knowing the man and the fact that he has walked out once before, I doubt he will take that option again. I dont want him fired either but things can not be allowed to continue as they are. As the defeats pile up there is a likelihood that the Anfield crowd will turn against the King and that would be the saddest thing of all. There is a limit to everybody's patience levels and with only 5 wins at Anfield who knows when theirs will. Should we fail to beat Villa this coming week (based on our current form this is a distinct possibilty) and then get knocked out of the FA cup by Everton the following week, it is very likely the crowd will turn. Already there are clamours for Rafa's return on various message boards and the Anfield crowd has chanted Rafa's name before when Roy was in charge, there is no guarantee that they will not do that to Kenny as well if we continue with this terrible form.

    The question therefore is what can be done? I think the onus is on the owners to quietly negotiate a good exit package for Kenny but make it seem like he is walking of his own free will rather than being pushed. If Roy got a generous settlement then Kenny deserves one too. There will be speculation of course but speculation will always abound and the best is to ignore it. Some people are of the opinion that he should remain till the end of the season but my view is that this is something that requires haste especially in view of our dismal form. We can always appoint Carragher to take over till end of season whilst the search for a suitable replacement is going on. Jamie can always be retained in an assistant role even when a new man is appointed, (I would not mind if it is Rafa to be honest and I doubt he would object to Jamie being one of his assistants). That would also ensure a graceful exit from the playing field for Jamie as well.

    There is no doubt that we are currently the laughing stock of the whole football fraternity and the Liverpool brand is far too valuable and its history too illustrious to be allowed to erode even further. Seeing Carroll hurling obscene words at a manager who has solidly stood by him convinced me that King Kenny really does not need all this aggravation and it is up to the powers that be to make sure the humiliation of this living legend is brought to a stop.

    You will never walk alone Kenny.

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    • Let's just deal with a few facts shall we:

      Since January which is from when people keep saying we are performing like a relegation side:

      - Lost away to Man C - okay poor result, but who has taken maximum points from Main Road?
      - Beat Oldham - let’s discount that one it is a lower league side
      - Beat Man C away – enough said
      - Draw with Stoke - disappointing, but huge upset? I think not
      - Lost away to Bolton - bad result and bad performance
      - Draw with Man C at home - not the best performance but ground out a result
      - Beat Man U at home - enough said I think
      - Beat Wolves away - strong commanding performance
      - Draw with Spurs at home - disappointing, but respectable result
      - Lost away to Utd - enough said I think
      - Beat Brighton home (6-1) - but lower league so maybe should discount
      - Beat Cardiff at Wembley - gave us silverware, but lower league club, and on penalties, so sure many will tell us to discount it
      - Lost to Arsenal Home - hugely disappointing result, all but killed top 4 hopes, but even more so as we had dominated much of the game, even Wenger felt he got lucky
      - Lost away to Sunderland - poor performance from the reds, and one of Bentner’s luckiest goals
      - Beat Everton Home - enough said
      - Beat Stoke Home - same as above
      - Lost to QPR away - Remember the last 13 minutes, as no one rmembers the 77 minutes before it.
      - Lost to Wigan home - as bad, maybe worse than the Bolton game imo
      - Lost to Newcastle away - good performance, but not great, huge mistakes which cost us, but lets not mention the hand ball!

      Let's add a couple more facts:

      - Suarez our most creative player out for 9 games in that period
      - Agger major part of our defensive due this term out since late Feb
      - Johnson our number one RB, and major creative force out since late Feb
      - Kelly our number two RB out since the QPR match
      - Adam out also since the QPR match. I know some may say the Scot being out makes us better, but he's being replaced by someone who just turned 20!

      Make up your own minds. There is no doubt we’re in a serious dip right now although I'd say we've been in a dip since the QPR match not the beginning of the year, but we need to turn it around. The question is why have we dipped and what is the best way forward. If some think getting rid of the manager is the correct prescription that’s there opinion, just hope that conclusion is reached by knowing and understanding the facts. All I can say is, that is not the conclusion I come to.

    • Mel, I respect your opinion. I don't share it, but there it is. However, bring Rafa back? I wouldn't be for this to be honest, he had his shot, I'll always think he's a legend for Istanbul, but in the league he was found wanting I'm afraid, and who can forget the kind of football we were playing in his last season -dire!

    • This post started out almost plausible. Then the clear p1sstake was exposed with the suggestion that Carragher take over as caretaker until the end of the season.

      If Kenny is to go, I can't see any value in doing it now rather than waiting until the summer. One thing Rafa used to get panned for was his supposed poor man management, his perceived cold approach to his players and inability to get them fired up during a slump.

      Well here we have a chance to see what Kenny can do in the same circumstances. If this league season peters out with a whimper, then I think the owners have every right to ask serious questions of the manager. Even if he delivers them the FA Cup.

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      • Abu what concerns me is it appears KD has lost the confidence of the players..

        I don't know the remedy for that?

        As I'm not a manager of any kind..

        If the players don't wanna play for KD whats the options?

        Does KD go tell all the players.. "either play for me and the club or you're gone"?

        Thats not a great way to inspire confidence is it?

        I'm only speculating as to what may go on.

        I think it's a matter now of KD saving himself..
        If he can turn this around then hats off to him.

        Will it be enough to please FSG? I can't answer that. I get the feeling they're pure businessmen and they want success and value for money and sentiment doesn't come into it.
        Has KD provided that?

        Being honest and basing it on this season then no he hasn't provided value for money or brought the success thats required.

        In that case why should KD be granted a further season?

    • Mel,are you related to Tolstoy?


    • This is of his own making.. He bought the players.. We knew they were average.. Little wonder then that we're now in the average position in the league.. (mid- t\able)..

      Had he bought better players and played a few kids we might've done better..

      Yes in his day the man WAS a legend.

      His time has passed. I was excited as were many when he came here.. I also thought.. Is it right he should come back? As he's been out for so long and tactics and the style of the game has moved on since the 80's..

      His style and tactics has proved that.

      Also the players see his tactics are failing them so little wonder they appear dispondent.

      Kenny would be worth saving if we played our hearts out and Kenny motivated them. Sadly he isn't & hasn't. So he#s not worth saving..

      No one man is bigger than the club.

    • From yesterday's match it appears that Gerrard has lost respect for Dalglish and several players left out or kept on the bench who have performed in the past such as Maxi must be sick and tired of seeing the usual suspects under perform but continually picked week after week as Dalglish clings to the hope they will come good. When he took over he played Flannagan Kelly and Robinson who did very well yet now he says he won't use the kids. Once LFC are dumped out of the FA Cup then use Sterling etc for the last six games.

    • Get a life