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  • Colyn Colyn Apr 2, 2012 14:46 Flag

    Insight to Henry's Perception of all this..

    makes sense. I'm sure they'll be looking at everything. As far as the failed signings (I've never heard of 3 all in one go) I'm also sure thay'll look at it fom all angles including the money they paid for them and who was responsible for setting up those deals. They certainly weren't Moneyball.

    It's sad but I have to say and agree that Kenny's position will be scrutinised. I just hope it doesn't signal the return of Benitez although that may keep Armchair quiet for a little while. He's been in full rant mode these last couple of days

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    • I've only put Benitez as an option until the end of the season.. However judging by the comment it would seem they're gonna see the season out with Kenny in charge then look at the situation.

      If the brief was get 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.. then we've failed dismally and KD should go.

      As it's unlikely we're gonna.

      Frankly I dunno who to bring in?

      Rikjaard is one such option who may do well here?

      Downing, Henderson, Carroll have been hugely disappointing and expensive..

      Also if it's FSG's plan to replicate their management setup at LFC that'll take some time to adjust .. if they're aiming to copy Boston Red Sox's setup..

      Yes I do believe the reason why RB failed is cos if the H&G scumbags.

      Maybe he'd do better under FSG?.

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      • I certainly can argue with those comments Armchair. All true. For benitez is definitely not the answer. take away the Champions League and he didn't deliver much either, except and expensive wage bill and a rather large squad. I really don't like the way he conducted himslef with the press either. Far too many rumours and stories in the press for my liking.

        We need someone completely new, someone who can grab the club and take it forward as a new entity. That doesn't have to be a new manager but soomeone who will get a grip of the club as a whole and give it a clear direction.

    • It was the complete opposite of their moneyball approach, which is why it all shocked me then, and doesn't have me so utterly surprised now..

      It makes me scratch my head that they brought in Comolli to be the director of player transactions and scouting, yet they went no further then a few hundred miles around the country with their signings, when the man is fluent in French with many connections there, in Spain and other countries/leagues.

      I have to really, REALLY question who sanctioned all of these moves considering the players he was involved with bringing to Spurs, Essou Ekotto, Modric, Bale, Krancjar, Sandro...

      Now that Henry and co., have a full year and half under their belt watching us, the league, other leagues and the Champions League, I think it's fair to say they will assess this very harshly at year's end and do whatever's necessary to rectify it and ensure this isn't replicated again since obviously more money needs to be layed out..

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      • I agree completely Jason. The Summer signings did seem odd but I recognised the need for home grown talent. Either way the fees for all of them were eye popping especially when other clubs seem to buy much cheaper than we do. A plus side at least is when you look at Suarez on the field (ignore the other troubles) then that signing works.

        Something is very wrong somewhere when we deal in the transfer market which is why I'm very slow at jumping on the sack Dalglish bandwagon. That and the fact that I do not want the club to become similar to Chelsea. To me it's not the solution for long term success and strength and FSG will not want to continue to pump money in at the alarming rate that Abramovich does. All credit to him for that at least!

        I can only assume there will be changes this Summer and hopefully everything will be positive. I've said it before, the club longs for someone to give it a clear direction. Grab it, get everyone together (on and off the field), and get us up to date. There are too many things living in the success of the past which isn't quite working now. That includes Anfield for me!