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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 2, 2012 23:32 Flag

    Insight to Henry's Perception of all this..

    Jason, I think it’s fair to say you most likely know more than most on here about the mentality of the American sports owner, so based on the quotes you've put up Dalglish might be on thin ice.

    But, and I do think you've been following the game long enough to know at least a little bit about the English press (The Daily Mail is far from the NY Times), and how reliable un-attributable quotes are.

    I'm not saying your quotes are not true, but anything a sports writer for an English newspaper puts in quotes but cannot put a name next to that quote, you should always take with a pinch of salt, and for the tabloids, slightly more than a pinch. Put it this way, do you think there are many Daily Mail sports writers burning shoe leather around Fenway, or do you think it’s more likely a hack on a mobile picking up rumors while he's downing a pint an hour before deadline in a fleet street pub?

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    • I don't want to be over speculative over who said what or where the quote came from, if in fact at all, but only because of how I've seen things done over here for a very long time, do I think there's a seriousness about it.

      I'm not saying he's going to get the sack, especially because while not anyone's overall target, we could still win the FA Cup and even with an incredible amount of luck finish 6th. If that was the case then I think it swings everything around, and I know 7th place is splitting hairs so I'd think they could see that as an oversight but nothing worse..

      Anyways, I do personally believe 100% that Henry's ultimate goal is to attain Champions League, win that and win the league, not necessarily in that order and so if things carry on the way they are now through the end of the year with only the CC to show for it, that's just my personal belief that the "inside source" is more or less spot on, and again that does not necessarily mean the sack, but not ruling it out either..

      Far as the English media and papers go, I pay almost no mind to any of it except for a few respected sources at Sky, BBC and/or when I see a club source, player, or agent give a direct quote, and even then I'm cautious unless what's being talked about makes sense on several levels. IE - Gaston Ramirez being a strong rumor to join, being Uruguayan, young, not overly expensive and having a preference for England.. vs anything that says Eden Hazard... so on, so forth.. some things aren't worth your time..