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  • Miguel Miguel Apr 2, 2012 16:28 Flag

    Kenny is still the right man for the job

    In part I agree, in part not. Can´t recall but someone on here analysed our net spend compared to Man City, Chelsea etc and we are talking peanuts when that is done. We have also shed a bucketload of wages spend, I recall some 850,000 per week. So far, agreed then a good job done.

    Where I have a problem is that the players (who all can and have performed in the past be it at LFC or elsewhere are clearly not performing now and that suggests there is a large basic problem somewhere which instead of lessening is growing. Whether that is down to KK and SC remains to be seen but, sadly for me , it´s looking more and more likely that that is where it lies.

    We have to trust the yanks to sort it out at the end of the season, if not sooner.

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    • excuse me if I kinda reply to you both at the same time!

      Loki - All the players we signed had a 'signature skill' if you would at the time of signing and logic said that it would work. As you say there was Downing for that left footed delivery plus a few goals, Henderson for his (suprising) chance creation stats and Adam with his corner taking prowess and range of passing. Now none of them have done any of the things they said on the tin! I dont think its for the want of trying though! It seems that sometimes you can try too hard and end up fouling your play a little. I think they will all improve just hopefully before its too late for Kenny.

      Miguel - It was me who did the expenditure break down, by the end of this season (if you include wage savings) our net spend is actually none! Thats the beauty of saving £500k per week in salaries. Plus the playes have resale values in 5 years time (Who knows what they may be!) You are absolutely right, they are all good players but arent doing it, sadly that is the job of the manager to rectify, it just becomes a case of how long is acceptable to get them playing properly?

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      • I think you might have hit the nail on the head there, it is the managers job to get the best out of the players. I don't think we can say that KK has done that this season. I don't think we should judge him on transfers to much, we don't know how much involvement Comolli had. And he was clearly sticking to a young/english at all costs policy.

        I really like the style of football he has enforced and if he is replaced I hope whoever comes in does not try to reverse this as it could really set us back. His management has not been great this season, the way he dealt with the Suarez/Evra incident was very poor and damaged the reputation of the club. He could have been sacked for this alone. As I said on another it will be very hard for KK to prove to the owners that he is still the right man. And no matter what any of us think that's what it comes down to.

    • Miguel, in the spirit of debate just wanted to point something out. I'm not sure its fully accurate to say certain players are not performing and its getting worse. What I'd suggest is more accurate is over the season so far they are not performing to past levels, or expectations on a consistent basis.

      They've certainly done it on occasion as both our record against the top clubs, and cup runs would suggests, but not consistently which is why are league position is lagging.

      However it might be fair to say things are getting worse rather than better, at least since January, but I think you also have to look at the details rather than assume all things are equal. For example, in January we lost Suarez for a long stretch, who had by far been our most creative player. We'd not long lost Lucas who had been the unexciting, but rock of the center, and we'd soon loose Agger who between him and Skrtel formed one of the most stingiest partnerships in the prem.

      Now maybe its fair to say with all the money spent we should have more depth, but with a squad in transition (how many new players have featured this term?) you can't expect the finished product. But think about our last run of games, and who has featured, and while I'd rather not want to point fingers at individual players, especially the younger ones who are still learning, I think you'll find we've been far from a full and experienced starting 11. 3rd choice at RB, 2nd choice at CB, 2nd choice at DM, and 3rd choice at central midfield.

      So maybe some of the players have not lived up to the reputation from last year, but those actually playing right now, be it Flanno, Shevely, Carra, or Jay, we did not have high expectations for at the beginning of the season, so not sure why we're castigating them now. Seems to me they are doing what they can, and the least we owe them is a little support.