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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 3, 2012 15:10 Flag

    Kenny is still the right man for the job

    As I said on another thread do you seriously think that a player of Cavani`s calibre is going to join a club that can`t offer him CL football? When players with his sort of talent move on they are looking to move up not down, and having played CL football this season he will want to do the same again. And its not just about the lack of CL football next season, at the moment liverpool don`t have the look of a team that can make the top 4 next year. Its a catch 22 situation, in order to attract the sort of players they need to get in to the top 4 liverpool have to look like a team who could already make the top 4. Which is why they need to go on a good run and if that could include the fa cup so much the better. Its all well and good winning the carling cup, a trophy is a trophy, but it doesn`t have the same sort of international recognition that the fa cup has. The fa cup is viewed as a major trophy. Its domestic football`s erquivalent of the CL, whilst the carling cup is the equivalent of the europa league; its nice to win it but you would much prefer it was the other cup competition.

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    • Er Suarez did. A whole lot of other players also joined City with CL football. I admit money played a part but they still went.

      But you're right t doesn't help. Another way is to get hold of players before they really catch the attention of those that are in the CL and go from there.

      Very tough I agree.

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      • Noo Noo when Suarez joined Dalglish had just been appointed and there was real optimism around the club with the feeling that the only way was up. There was a real belief that with Dalglish in charge CL qualification was just round the corner. Waiting one season to play in Europe`s main competition doesn`t seem too big a sacrifice, especially if you think that you are going to be part of something really big. It was that belief, and the money, that attracted the big names to city. And just as top players can be attracted by the idea of being part of something big so they can be put of by the thought that they could be part of a disaster. And at the moment liverpool`s dreadful league form is sending out the wrong message.